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Sunday, June 30, 2013

What can I say?

It's hot, almost unbearably so without a proper a/c, but tomorrow will be worse.  This summer is already written for me as to what I do and where I'm going, but you can bet next year I am going to be in the mountains for every heat wave to hit the Sacramento area.  C'mon Canada, send that jet stream back down this way!

I went over to Jeannie's this afternoon to plan the food for our upcoming trip, but we spent most of the time working on the Sunday NY Time Crossword puzzle.  Keep my old brain cells sharp.

I got an email from Ara telling me that they went through both the Tetons and Yellowstone, and were able to camp in both places.  They are having a great trip and seeing lots of new places.  It will be fun to compare our travels when I see her the latter part of September, just before her 24th birthday.

I printed something off the internet explaining how to fold down the back seats of a Highlander so they lay flat.  I haven't been able to do it, and neither could Ara.  Today I asked Donald to try it and he said they don't go flat.  That's a complete bummer to me because I wanted to be able to sleep comfortably in the cargo space in case of bad weather.  If I'm near motels, of course, there is that option, but I hope to spend most of my trip as far away from interstates as possible and to get lost in a few National Forests and Parks.  That means camping! 

I'd better stop now because I'm so miserably hot!  It's difficult to even think.


  1. you can't or won't take the back seats out? can't remember if I've asked this before...

    take them out and put in a self inflating air mattress. good stuff.

    If you can lay the front passenger seat back as far it will go then you could use that area for your feet or head... haha

    You could put something underneath the other part of the mattress to make it even if need be.

    I think you would like just pulling in and climbing in back to snooze and have a cup of coffee when you wanted.

    spend the money you would have paid for a motel room for a nice beer and burger or pastrami on rye .. or whatever...

    and oh the Tetons and Yellowstone.. did Ara say they were really crowded?

  2. i had the same trouble with my Vitara. The seats didn't lay flat and it was to short for a air-matress. Hope you can figure out something.

  3. Would a roll around room AC help you? They are about $300 at Costco... You stick a round hose out the window to exhaust the hot air, and the run on ordinary 110v power... They are somewhat heavy to bring home but would fit in the back of your Toyota... Would need some help getting it out of the truck and into the house...