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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A better day

After yesterday's sweltering temps, we're back to a more tolerable upper 80's for today.  Last night was wonderful sleeping weather - I keep the window open above my bed and love the breeze, although once in a while the curtains blow against my head and wake me up.

Ara and her friend, Hannah, are expected to arrive in Sac this evening.  They have seen sights that I have never been to, including the Four Corners area (AZ,NM,UT,CO).  I believe they camped in the 4 corners vicinity a couple of nights ago.  I will be so happy to see her.

I thought they were covering a lot of ground and probably missing a lot in between, but then I just have to remember when I was that age and did the same thing.  They stayed with friends in Pittsburgh and in Denver, and that is no doubt as much fun as other things would be to me now.  Actually, I really look forward to meeting new RVers and bloggers along the way, as well as visiting with the old friends I've met before and of course, family, between here and NY.  I hope to make visiting a big part of my upcoming trip, which is already so booked up with places I want to see.  Everything will sort itself out in the end.

I've had a terrible time with my Mac laptop - suddenly I was faced with an updated version of Firefox or Google or maybe both, as well as AOL.  It has been so frustrating to me, and this morning I went back to my big I-Mac.  What a relief!  Everything looks so great and familiar.  I must get updates automatically on the Macbook but can decide for myself on the I-Mac.  I'm going to try to figure out how to change the laptop to allow me to decide on updates.  Now if I could figure out how to go back a version or two of Firefox.  I may just bring the I-Mac back into the living room where it's more convenient to use.  

Thanks to those who have suggested alternate ways to get TV.  I'll probably try to do without it for a while, as it is mostly a habit to click it on, and there is rarely something that I'd hate to miss on it.

I'm about at the end of my search for a very small camping trailer.  I'm not going to pursue it any further.  For one thing, I doubt it would be a good idea to try to tow anything across the country with the Highlander.  And while I'd love a small fiberglass trailer such as a Scamp or Casita, I don't need to spend that much money at my age.  I have a great tent that I set up by myself fairly easily and will alternate with motel stops.  At least that is the plan, and we all know what plans are written in!

I don't know why Blogger sometimes alternates the font size on my blog.  Do you think I have a gremlin residing in my computer? 


  1. The font has stayed the same for several blogs now, no problem.

    I bet those Vit B12 shots are helping you feel better. That can do a lot.

  2. Just checked the Highlander towing capacity. 1500# at sea level with one passenger. It would be hard pressed to handle a teardrop and not be overloaded. Saves even considering towing with it. Casitas and Scamps have wet weights of 3000# plus.

  3. Go under the Apple menu (top left of your screen). Click on System preferences. Uncheck the boxes that you don't want. Easy peasey!

  4. You might like something like what i have its a Dodge Travel Van that has a back bench seat that makes into a bed with one simple tug!
    ITS very comfy...there is no set up! ITS easy to toss an electrical cord out the window at campgrounds, and when I set up for longer stays I have a large 10 x 10 screen room that has a top and is pretty easy to set up and that extends my livig space!
    It kills 2 birds with one stone...I can remove the 2 back captains seats when Im traveling and I have lots of space! Here is my set up from a beach trip last yr.

  5. Your trip is sounding better and better. Are you able to make that cot work in your tent?

    I get really tired of the updates too. Even on my phone, all the updates seem to do is increase the clicks necessary to do anything. I used to be able to delete messages on my phone with two clicks, not it's 5 clicks. And in a weak signal area that's really annoying.

  6. font's stayed the same for me too. naw... you don't want to tow anything ... too much todoing.

    oh yay for Ara coming in... we'll hear all about it tomorrow?

    Well? I have a MacBook Pro and use Firefox and let the updates rip. Primarily for safety issues. They keep updating to stay ahead of the spammers and hackers ... as well as bug fixes.

    You can watch TV on your computer. lots of apps for this. check out the app store from your computer and look at all the stuff.

  7. I have been reading your blog for sometime now and the font has always been the same. Alternating between tent camping and hotels is a good idea. We use to do that all the time before we had an RV. I think you will save money at campgrounds as well because it's usually less expensive to tent camp.