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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Party Time

I had a great time today watching all the action.  The kids wanted to go swimming so most of the adults were out by the pool, and when it comes to my kids getting together around a pool, you know someone will get thrown in.  The end result was that Ara and Hannah, Steve and Joe all went into the water.  Being my advanced age has its privileges - I didn't even bother to take my phone out of my pocket because I knew I was safe.  A few years back at a pool party at Bill's house (my ex) Steve told me I might want to take my watch off, and within a few minutes he tossed me into the pool, to the amazement of everyone there I might add.  Steve has been expecting payback from me ever since, but I know if I reciprocated then someone else would think it funny to toss me in.  I usually laugh non-stop around this group and often wonder how they got to be this way as neither me nor their dad were that devilish.  Well maybe their father was once in a while.

Arianna described to her daddy the cake she wanted - a mountain covered with trees and a river running down it.  That's what she got, and when I arrived Donald had all the kids around him making "trees".

 The second photo is Joe pretending to throw Ara into the pool.  She wasn't worried about him because she was holding a bottle of beer, and "Joey wouldn't throw a beer into the pool.

Arianna got a new bike and tons of "Barbie stuff".

Donald is doing well with his physical therapy - if exercises once a day are good, then three times a day should be better.  That's his reasoning and it is definitely going to work.

I'm so tired - just being around all the little kids saps my energy, but throw my adult kids in with the mix and I am zonked without even doing a thing.


  1. It keeps you on your toes just being around all those young people. I can almost remember back when I was young and getting thrown into a pool. . . almost.

  2. Sounds like a great party if you are tired and all you did was watch! Another amazing Donald creation. Wish you'd had a close up of it. He definitely needs a bakery in his future. What does his PT person think about 3X the exercise? More is not always better.

  3. Great photos, such a wonderful time. I always love to see pictures of Donald's cakes. You have a really nice family - you did a good job! :)

  4. Believe me, I know that exhausted feeling. So fun to be with the family though. Enjoy all you can!