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Monday, June 24, 2013

Saying goodbye

It's so hard to do, and this evening I said goodbye to Ara and Hannah.  I know how sad it makes me, and I also know Jeannie is 10X sadder than I am.  The girls will be leaving tomorrow.

I learned a few things from Ara about packing my cargo space and laying the second row of seats flat.  Even when I'm tenting I worry about setting up and taking down in the rain or high winds.  If I'm in a National Forest or on BLM land, I think I could sleep in the cargo area in a pinch.  I remember last fall in a campground when my air mattress kept deflating, I ended up sleeping across the back seats from about 1:00 am on.  I think I wouldn't be as scrunched up in the cargo area, and it's a good thing to know for an emergency.

The siren song of the road is getting louder and more insistent these days.  I'm looking forward to a one-week road trip with Jeannie, Donald & girls the 3rd week in July, and then I'll have a week to pack up for my annual odyssey and trek to the east.


  1. Have you thought about a tent that will attach to your car? I have a tent for the back of my truck I love it. I found it on truckcandy. But you can just bing or google car tents.Just a thought.

  2. I used to sleep in the trunk of my honda accord when camping if it was raining or I was just too tired to set up. Not actually in the trunk but I'd put the back seat down folding foward and open the pass through for my legs into the trunk. Worked great. Biggest problem was that I had to put everything that was in the back seat into the front seats and rearrange the stuff in the trunk but not that much trouble.

  3. Can you do like Carolyn did in Homer and leave a cot set up, or is your car not big enough? You might have to move a few things to the driver's seat when you want to use the cot.

  4. For myself, I would rather sleep in the car, if possible, and just use the tent for daytime activities.