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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I took this picture of Ara, her friend Hannah, Jeannie & Autumn yesterday.

Today I stopped by with strawberries and grapes, after picking up large boxes of them at Costco.  We usually share because there is too much for me to eat before it goes bad, and it is better when it's fresh.

When I was leaving, I looked and saw this little head poking up.  I asked, "Is this some kind of trick you're playing on me?"  (You really need to click on the pictures to see any detail.  This first picture was a little out of focus.)


I left and drove by the car wash in Fair Oaks that does a beautiful job and they didn't seem to be busy, and I was so happy to get all the traveling dirt off my vehicle.  I'd hate to even estimate how long it's been since I washed it.

While waiting outside the building I looked up and saw a mama hen and a bunch of little chickens pecking the dirtIf you've been reading my blog for a while you will remember me talking about the roosters that run free all over Fair Oaks, and so do the hens and chickens.
I'm thinking about the advisability of trying some dispersed camping on my trip, which shouldn't be too difficult to find in the west, at least.  Campgrounds usually don't give tenters a break in the rates, and some places can run at about the same cost as a budget motel.

I've always just taken my chances on finding something along the way, and I probably shouldn't over-plan it now.  I'm about a month away from the trip to Oregon with Jeannie & Donald, and it will only be a week or so after I get back that I will leave for the open road! 


  1. Is that little fella your new roommate or theirs? Great picture of those young folks. Ah to be that age and know what I know now. Why isn't that how it works??

  2. Your new friend looks a little angry. Maybe you aren't feeding him enough? Our truck is so dirty it looks almost brown instead of silver. But t-storms are predicted for every afternoon for all of next week in Billings.

  3. Nice picture of the kiddos... love that kitchen!

    I like lizards ... I wish the cats would leave 'em alone.

    and yep ... need a transporter ... what I would tell myself~ wouldn't that be something..

  4. That little guy didn't try to sell you any insurance did he? ;-)