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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Celebrating the grad

We had a family get together today to celebrate niece Stephanie's college graduation.  Of course, Donald made dessert - decorated like a cake on top but actually cupcakes. 

The party was at Jeannie's house and I managed to snap some pictures:  (click to enlarge)

Jeannie & Steve

Sarah, Steph, and Amy

Joe and Donald

The kids played in the pool

A photo of the group

Amy (my sister) and her daughter Stephanie

Not sure why, but it's almost impossible to get all the kids together for pictures, so a couple are missing for the group.  Liam wasn't feeling well and had to stay home, so it was the four little granddaughters who were there.  Sorry, but I just can't get the color right with this camera.  I downloaded and printed a 156 page user's guide, but can't read the small print so it's useless.

I came home just as it was beginning to get dark.   


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all. Congratulations to your grand-daughter and her family.

  2. Congratulations to Stephanie! Glad you got to go but sorry poor Liam was sick. It's no fun to miss a good party. Great cup-CAKE!!

  3. I ain't no professional picture taker or nuttin like that......but, I were notice'n the dark (color not right???) photos. Ever one of them has light behind the subject target....winders an' overhead lights in the kitchen. Cameras don't like that....they get confused an' think they are outside. In your case, "forced flash" may have helped.

    Nice look'n family....yeee haw!!!

  4. What a fun party. The RV park we're in right now had a graduation party yesterday for the owner's daughter. She graduated from high school. And the pool was definitely one of the highlights of their party also. I don't take very good pictures either. But they are definitely better than no pictures.