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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Should I or shouldn't I?

Go to the RV show, that is.  I just got an email from Donald telling me that the show will be at Cal Expo this weekend and admission and parking are free.

It would be ok if I had someone to go with, but I'm not the least bit interested in owning any kind of an RV, unless someone bought me a Class B.  So I don't know about walking around that big place by myself looking at RV's I don't want.  I won't decide yet, but I guess it would have to be on Friday, because Sat. is Arianna's 4th birthday and I can't miss that.

It's been three days, and three Klondike bars.  Those things are so good, and a perfect finish to a good supper.

The weather has been perfect the last couple of days, but I see it's going to go back up to the 90's for the weekend, and then back down again.  This morning I was cold - I think the overnight low was about 50.  It's good sleeping weather.  I've been napping during the afternoon, which I hate to do because it throws my sleep schedule off balance.  

I think I'll have a beer and sit outside and enjoy the breezes. 


  1. The way I see it, if'n you don't want or have any interest in another RV, don't go. All ya gonna do is wear yourself slap out.

  2. 50 degrees?? We haven't seen temps that low for a long time. It sure is getting hot here.

  3. The older I get? the less inclined I am to do something I don't like.

    I think having a Klondike bar and feeling breezes would be preferable. Plus hugging a 4 year old little baby girl is in the wings!

    how cool is that...

    Yay! for the Klondike people... they make sugar free ones and I like 'em a .... lot

    One bar in the evenin' time is supper many times...

  4. Yep, those Klondike bars could be addicting.

  5. I would enjoy just looking at the RV's. You have me wondering if there are any RV shows going on here in Phoenix. I'm surrounded by RV dealerships now, but I hate to take up a salesperson's time when I'm just looking to see what is out there.

  6. I tag along with my Joe, but after awhile, going up and down all those steps gets the best of my hips. So I find a chair, pull out my Nook and read and people watch.

  7. Before we ever had an RV we enjoyed going to RV shows. Since getting our first RV I don't think we ever went to an RV show again. I'm not a 'window shopper'. Never figured there was any point in looking at things I couldn't afford or had little interest in. Only reason I would go to an RV show again is if I had the money in my pocket & was looking to buy something new.....And that ain't a gonna happen.

  8. I don't go to RV shows. Can't afford a new one so it's just depressing. Now Jim loves to go look. So I send him on his way. I'm going to be looking at your shoes (well ones like them at the store)to see if I can find something with toes that I can wear. My sandals in the summer are fine but even in AZ in the winter my toes get cold.

  9. Sounds like I've been missing out on something here if I've never had a klondike bar. Guess I'll have to hunt one up. A Free RV show I might do a once around but paying when I'm not in the market unless it's a REALLY BIG one with other things I might need, probably not. Birthday party sounds like fun