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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Heat Wave

My desktop widget shows that it's 108F and that's at 6:45 pm.  This is hard to take, as the swamp cooler really can't do much with these high temps.  It adds a bit of humidity to the air which makes it feel stuffy, so I have a couple of fans going including one in the kitchen.  I couldn't have cooked dinner without a fan keeping the comfort level at bearable.

Steve called me early this afternoon and invited me to spend the day and overnight at their house in air conditioned comfort.  It was tempting, but I prefer being at home when possible.  I grew up without A/C and I can survive this.

It seems strange without TV being available.  I read for a while but the book I mentioned yesterday is such a large volume it is a bit intimidating and I only read a little bit at a time.  The author is really good, I've finished the Prologue and hope to get into the actual subject of the book by tomorrow.  

I think I can get accustomed to not watching TV, although if I could find a provider that didn't require a contract I might change my mind.  All that I've looked at want a 2-year contract.  I could get AT&T U-Verse with no contract, but I think it seems expensive for what I watch.  I didn't have TV during the time I was fulltiming and for the next year or so, but when you get started it sure sucks you in.

I haven't seen a doctor or talked to a medical person for at least a week, and I'm beginning to feel pretty good.  I wish I could think better days are ahead.    



  1. 105 is way above my comfort level. I would head for the AC offer:)

  2. Can't you get over the air broadcast TV? Surely there is some local stations on the air.

  3. 108 degrees is no damn good. holy jeeeez and it's just the first week of June? man

    I have U-Verse .. they always have specials ... we have had it for a long time with the DVR ~ love that thing ~ talk about getting addicted!

    Plus we have whammo bammo internet included and it is expensive. I don't watch half the channels but I do like the ones we get... various levels

    better days are ahead ... you're feeling good and that ain't bad

  4. oh, and jeeez ... Sears has window ACs for $140 or so ... at least have one in your bedroom.

  5. We haven't had TV for over two years. I missed it at first, but then found my life was more peaceful without all the news and polotics. I do get some ews, but am not overwhelmed. I get DVDs at the Library and watch a little netflicks on my ipad. Our T V is to old to get it .

    Hope it cools down for you a bit.

  6. Gypsy if you just finish a contract with Direct TV you could of stayed on with them as long as you keep the same equpment you would just keep paying month by month. I did that for 2.5 yrs then I needed a new rec and had to renew or buy 2 out right and then pay each or month per rec. Hope this helps you, you can still try and call them to keep your old acct on but make sure you keep saying your old acct...

  7. Hi Gypsy -

    Gosh. That kind of heat would do me in. Hope you're staying cool.

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  8. You're as hot as Apache Junction. Had no idea your area got that warm. I think a window air conditioner sounds like a really good idea. And why don't you have an antenna for over the air TV?