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Monday, May 20, 2013

More carpet

Taking Steve at his word that he would put down new carpet on the front porch, I went to Lowe's this morning and bought more of the green carpet.  Steve had measured it for me yesterday but of course I couldn't find his measurements, so I did it again myself.  Never in my life have I been able to accurately measure a floor area, and I think I bought too much.  That's ok though because there might be enough to do some of the back steps that are visible from the street.

I didn't think when buying the stuff how I was going to fit it in the back of my Highlander.  I still have camping equipment that I haven't put away, but I managed to get the back seats down and space cleared for the rug.  It had to be angled from the left rear to the front right windshield, and one of the Lowe's people came out to load it for me.  It's still in my car because I am not sure I could even get it out much less carry it anywhere.  It will look great when finished, but it kind of bums me out that for the money I'm spending on outdoor carpet I could have replaced the walls of my shower which are desperately in need of rippping out.  

When I was RVing full time I made it a point to get postcards from wherever I traveled and sent them to all my grandchildren.  A few weeks back my grandson in NY told his dad he missed getting mail from me.  He said he really liked it when there was something in the mailbox with his name on it.  So I found two postcards at the convenience store near the campground and sent them to Joshua & Justin.  I've decided that I will continue to look for postcards at least every other week, or else write a short letter to each of the boys.

Those selling the technology of today have tried to convince us that email, texting, facebook, etc., are much quicker and easier than sending a letter or postcard via the USPS, or snail mail.  I think we've lost a lot when our grandchildren don't realize the wonderful feeling you get when you open the mailbox and find something addressed to you.  Even I notice my heart beats a little faster when I open my mailbox and see an envelope with an actual stamp and handwritten address.  Most of the time I find junk mail ads.

So here's hoping a few people reading this will give a child (or even an adult) the joy of finding a special letter or card in the mailbox.

A reader (Dorieanne) made the suggestion a few days back that I might look at one of the tents that attach to the back of an SUV,and she included a link to a site that carries them.  I don't know if it is an issue or not, but I am leery about leaving the hatch open.  The dome light comes on when you raise the hatch, so wouldn't you be running down the battery if you left it open all night?  I understand you can turn off the dome light, but would the electrical system still recognize that a door is open?  Even when I'm camping I unload a few items at a time and close the hatch while carrying them into the campsite.  Comments/suggestions?


  1. Just find out from your dealer how to turn it off. Maybe remove the fuse or something. We had thought of getting a tent for the car but they apparently don't make one for the Rio and traveling isn't really in our future anyway other than maybe to visit the U.S. relatives.

  2. Don't think so, Gypsy... I have a switch in Homer that allows me to tell which lights to turn on when I open a door.

    the back hatch light is also manual. check your Highlander for the options... you still have the manual?

    I often thought of the tent ~ Honda has one to fit Homer but I was just never in one place that long to want to fool with it.

    But your kind of camping, it would make sense. UNLESS it rains... and you have to take it down in the rain. boo and hiss on that or stay until the weather clears up... which being retired ... you certainly can! ;)

    When the kids were little, each and every time we went camping, ... it rained ... breaking camp in the rain is a reeeeeal bitch.

    dAnother blogger I read just bought one for her truck. really nifty looking. They are all different and depending on your vehicle for what is offered to fit.

    That's a great idea about your grandchildren .... I know you ain't gonna like this ... but I wrote a friend of mine's little granddaughter an email.. addressed to her ~ I was told it just made her day.

    Handwritten notes and cards are hard to come by these days and I think it's a great idea... how cute they missed getting one from you!

  3. ME too. I would much rather get a hand written letter or postcard than an email any day. I think it takes more time to do and thus shows more caring on the part of the sender. It is really exciting to open your mailbox and find something hand written. It's so rare these days. Those boys will cherish those cards all their lives I'm betting. I know I cherish the letters my mother send to me. If they'd been emails they'd be history by now. Who keeps emails longer than a year at most? Wonder what historians are going to do for biographical material?? Bring back the WRITTEN word I say.

  4. I love to send postcards to friends and family when we are on the road. We are not fulltimers but usually take several longer trips each year. I carry a box with stamps and an address book in the RV so that I can write the cards. Most campgrounds will have a box for outgoing mail.I also use facebook to keep family posted about what we are doing and put up pictures.

  5. I always make my own cards to the grand kids and mail them with cash inside. I was worried one time that the birthday card to one of his kids would be late, and my son said not to worry, just send them e-mail cards. Somehow, that just wouldn't do it for me - I remember how exciting it was to get cards in the US mail. I totally agree with you.

  6. I love post cards! I always buy a few when I travel. some I send, some I keep for my collection. I think kids do too much text and cell phone! I mean grown up kids too~