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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Got 3 Birds With One Stone

I was scheduled for a carotid artery scan this afternoon, so on the off chance I could get the echocardiogram done today as well, I called and got an appointment.  While waiting for that appointment I heard someone mention Holter monitor, and since the cardiologist wanted me to wear the monitor for 24 hours I asked for and got it before I left.  Three tests taken care of and out of the way.  I feel pretty good about that, in fact, I feel just like a spring chicken this afternoon (alas, no rooster in sight).

The park police made their way to my house this morning and the results weren't too bad.  I have to clean one of the awnings, brush away some cobwebs, and anyone who has ever spent time in Sacramento knows that cobwebs are everywhere.  Brush them away and they reappear overnight.  A few other small things were mentioned, but I'll do them when I get around to them.  I don't want to set off my monitor!

I hate clipping anything to my waistband (or a belt, if I wore a belt).  So now for 24 hours I have to clip a good-sized monitor to my waistband, and it's connected to a whole bunch of wires that are connected to things that are attached to my chest.  I won't get much decent sleep tonight - I normally turn from one side to another all night long.  If I stay too long on one side, that shoulder gives me trouble.  So I'll have to remember to keep switching the monitor from side to side.

I've decided that I have to see the humor in all this, and to keep my mind on the light side.  Otherwise I'd turn to drink - actually I'm enjoying a half glass of wine right now.  Why only a half glass?  That's the end of the bottle and if I switch to another variety it won't taste right.  I'll just have to enjoy a cold Miller Hi Life next!

My next door neighbor and I were chatting this morning, and he told me he had visitors over the weekend who brought two German Shepherd puppies along.  He said he nearly brought one over to me as the owners are trying to find homes for them.  It sounds great, but I'm in no position to deal with a puppy.  It would be fun though I owe it to myself to take care of me right now.  


  1. I know how you feel about sleeping with a holter monitor...I had one put on today too and am not looking forward to trying to sleep with it on. I toss and turn all night long and haven't quite figured out where I am going to put the monitor and battery pack. I can't sleep in pajamas so I have nothing to clip the monitor too!
    Should make for an interesting night!

  2. Obviously the inventors don't go to bed.

    All the best. AsI read this you could even be half way through this uncomfortable night. I hope it's not too bad and those who read the thing take into account how difficult it is to rest with the monitor attached.


  3. When wearing a Holter monitor, I will wear my bra to bed and tuck the monitor in one of the cups..it doesnt move around and I can sleep comfortably. Hope the best for you, Gypsy!!

  4. Did you study for all those tests (grin).

  5. Three at once - now that is great. I've never had to wear one of those monitors but I can just imagine that it won't be a real restful night. Sure hope they get you all straightened out. Personally, we will never get another puppy. If we were to ever get another dog it would be an older one - no more chewing and potty training or any of that stuff.

  6. Don't the weed police have anything else to do with their lives???

  7. What if you just stood up to the weed police and told them you have no intention of doing what they say... What are they going to do??? Toss you out... You took over the place, maybe they want it back.....

    I had to wear one of those monitors for 10 days when I had the cancer surgery... Sometimes I put it up under my pillow, when it got hard to lay on.... Its battery would run down in the middle of the night, and they would come crashing into my room like I was dying only to find out I was OK... Too bad as it always took about an hour to get back to sleep...