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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back Home

I woke up with the birds at 5 am, but since no bacon aroma could be detected I didn't get up right away.  I heard what I thought was the tent being blown by the wind, and then realized it was raindrops.  Not a real rain, but more like a heavy mist.  Since I hadn't put the rainfly on the tent I got up in a hurry and started getting ready to pack up.  But first, got my coffee going.

Here are several shots from my campsite:

And here are a couple of shots of the cot.  I never could get the last leg in place but I survived it anyway.  As far as asking for help, I have mentioned in numerous past blogs situations where I've asked someone for assistance, and accepted help from someone who offered though not asked.  In the situation with the cot, the two men drove a pickup truck packed with camping supplies (no tent) and hauling a boat.  They arrived just before dark and started taking things out of the bed of the pickup - lining up coolers and various boxes in the campsite.  They never set up a tent so maybe they just threw sleeping bags down on the ground or slept in the pickup.  I just couldn't try to claim what little daylight was left and ask them to fix the cot.  Besides, their site wasn't all that close to mine - if they had been in an adjacent site we may have exchanged a few words and I might have asked.  They ate  their dinner by the light of a lantern as it was.

On the way back to the campground I passed this ranch and got two photos of the sign.  Not a very friendly bunch, for sure.

I had a peaceful and relaxing two days of camping, and tried to think of good things.  I wouldn't want to spend more time at this campground unless I was camping with others.  I think my next short trip will be back to the Tahoe National Forest and the campground I visited last year.  Maybe I'll just go up for two days and can pack much lighter than I did this time.  And I will definitely be buying a good air mattress!

I came home to the light on my phone blinking that I had a message.  After several emails to my doctor and calls to the Med Center, I see they want to schedule me for the ERCP prior to gall bladder surgery.  Oh, but the request is "URGENT" and the earliest opening they have is July 8???  Fortunately the woman I talked to is going to see what can be arranged to get me something much sooner, even if it requires overbooking.  If I have to wait I will just reschedule it for later in the year as that would be putting the actual gallbladder surgery close to or in the beginning of August.  I'm leaving at the middle or end of August come hell or high water.  I made a promise to be in NY for my grandson's 5th birthday, and nothing is going to keep me from it.

I have a lot of unpacking to do and putting away camping gear, but I'll be back soon.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments of support. 


  1. Overall, sounds like it was a good outing. I am pretty sure I would prefer an air mattress to a cot.

  2. Trouble with air mattresses is you have to blow them up. A pad can be rolled up and unrolled quickly, but an air mattress is more comfortable.

  3. I have an air mattress that blows its ownself up.. haha... C batteries and away I go.

    Glad you got to get away and relax

  4. Getting away is a good thing even if the place you go to isn't one you'll go back to. At least you know what it's like. It's kind of like when we travel and end up in a campground - some are good and others are - nope never return there. I like Carolyn's idea of air mattress - one that blows its ownself up.

  5. Urgent is July huh? Well I hope they can get their act together. Call your doctor again if they don't. How long has this been going on now? And American's don't want Canadian health care because of the waits?