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Friday, May 17, 2013


I am still thinking about the birds (raptors) that were soaring in the vicinity of my camp a few days ago.  An anonymous commenter mentioned condors, and I've tried to find some pictures and info since I don't know much about condors except for seeing videos of the huge CA condor in flight.  The bird I saw wasn't huge but it was a good size, and seemed to have a pinkish hue on its underside.  At first I wondered if it was the affect of the sun's rays, but that wouldn't affect the underside.  I wish I had my camera ready to shoot, but the bird was way out over the lake and I didn't realize it would go over my camp site.  If anyone knows about condors I'd like to hear from you.  As I said, my vision isn't good enough anymore to discriminate the pattern of the wing and tail feathers.

The campground at Black Butte Lake was spacious and laid out very nicely except it was a little too open for my tastes.  As I have said i the past, I love the shelter of big trees as well as mountains - I like to feel wrapped up in nature - not exposed to just sky and the expanse of land.

And then there is the lake.  I have also mentioned before that I went overboard in a canoe accident on a fast moving river about 35 years ago.  As time goes by I have developed a real aversion to being in water, so I don't swim any more and don't go on boats of any kind.  What I do love are creeks, especially water rushing over rocks, and don't mind being on the banks of a small river.  I love seeing the big rivers such as the Mississippi, Ohio, Snake, etc., but not too close, and I don't really care to be near the ocean.  Small lakes such as Butte Lake (Lassen) don't bother me too much but I'd never step in the water. 

The small campground I stayed at last year in the Tahoe National Forest had a creek (actually I think it was the North Fork of the American River) and I loved the sound of water rushing over rock day and night.  I may go back there soon for a couple of nights.

What I do know is that I'm not as happy camping alone an more.  I don't mind as long as there are friendly people walking by now and then - Lassen is a great place for that and of all the places I've ever camped at it is the easiest to find others to chat with.  I don't know if it's the environment, layout of the campground which encourages walking, or what, but I've always loved that about Lassen.

What I'd love to do is to find a small group of like minded women to meet up with occasionally for camping trips.  All the groups I know of are in the RV category, such as small trailers, teardrops, etc.  Surely there must be something for tent campers and I'm bound to find them.

The best thing about my recent experience was the fact that I tried to live in and enjoy the present, forget about the past, and not concentrate too much on the future.  I hope to continue doing just that.

By the way, my shoulders and upper arms are killing me from trying to set up that cot.  I didn't suffer for the first day or two but am making up for it now!  


  1. I don't know anything about condors so I can't help there. Do you have binoculars so perhaps that will help? I know I can't see nearly as well as I once did but binoculars are a real help to me.

    Hope you are able to find some tent camping women. Are you set against another small RV or little trailer like the casita or scamp?

  2. All nature is beautiful, but I have to agree with you that mountains and trees make it even better.

  3. Likely any ladies' group would welcome you with your SUV and tent. Making some contacts might net you a better camping experience, and possibly more comfortable equipment as time goes on. Have you looked into the tent gizmos that attach to your vehicle? That would afford you a way to stay "indoors" without having to put up a tent and/or cot.

    Here's one that isn't too expensive:


  4. If you could see a pink wash on its underside, I seriously doubt it was a condor.

  5. ~I like to feel wrapped up in nature - not exposed to just sky and the expanse of land."

    Exactly ... I guess that's why I'm not much on desert camping for any length of time. wrapped up in nature... I like that...

    Did you check out RVBuddies? they even mention tent camping on their group page.

    I also have binoculars .. I use them when I'm stopped somewhere and need to read the x%?!@ signs... from a few cars back...

  6. I've decided you need a tool to give you some leverage in bending the leg to fit the socket. A piece of wood 2" x 2" x 24" should do. Screw a hook in near one end. The hook should be just big enough to slip over the leg near the bend. Cut 2" off the end of the stick for a pusher block. Mount it 6" away from the hook, and at 90degrees from the handle. Cut a little knotch in the end of the pusher block, so it won't slip off the leg. This should give you enough leverage to pull the leg into the socket. I'm surprised they don't include something like this with the cot.

  7. Picture a small wheelbarrow handle. The leg would be the pusher block, and the wheel would be the hook, only turned 90 degrees. You could whittle on the handle end when you are sitting by your campfire, until it is nice and round and comfortable.

  8. Experienced a rafting accident in a British Columbia river back in the early 70's & have kinda shared your water fears ever since. I'm not a big water guy. Know what you mean by feeling wrapped by nature. Love to see mountains all around. Love trees but also like to have a clear line of sight to the horizon. I think if you look hard enough you will find a like minded camping group somewhere. I'm thinking the internet would be your best tool for that search,..