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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Something going around

My daughter told me that yesterday her mother-in-law, who has been congested and coughing a lot, drove herself to the hospital where I was treated for pneumonia.  She went to the emergency room and they determined that she also had pneumonia.  After X-rays, a breathing treatment, and many other tests they sent her home with antibiotics.  How amazing is that?   I sure hope she can recover quickly.   When Donald found out she wanted to go to the same hospital where I was seen, he wanted to take her himself but she said she was already in her car and on the way.   Us independent old gals like to take care of ourselves - she is younger than I am so maybe I shouldn't include her in "old gals".  

Since I don't feel like doing much else I have been in my recliner and watched more TV in the past few days than I probably had in the past few years.   Animal Cops Houston is one of my favorites, as I like the fact that they deal with so many different types of animals - domestic pets, farm animals, exotics, etc.   I just can't fathom those who are cruel to animals.

The commercials drive me crazy and usually have me hitting the "mute" button, but one that I just love is the Aflac commercial.  I never tire of watching it and the use of animals  (actually, birds) is brilliant.

The worst right now is lack of energy and some breathlessness, but the thing I hate most is trying to sleep at night.   I wonder sometimes if coughing can cause damage, but I think I will just have to put up with it for a while.

Jeannie & Donald want to have the family over for a dinner to celebrate my birthday, but I said they should wait and see how I'm doing by the weekend.  Right now I don't have enough of an appetite to do justice to Donald's condition.  Plus, the more time I spend getting back to normal the quicker I will feel confident being around the kids again.   I know this isn't contagious, but I'd rather be cautious.  I did ask her to get him to make me about 6 chocolate cupcakes with white cream cheese frosting.  Anything more than 6 would be just too much for me now, but I crave something sweet now and then.   

I can't believe how quickly time flies especially since I am doing absolutely nothing.  I can't wait to feel better.


  1. A couple of folks in our park have been fighting pneumonia (they are still up north because not well enough to come south yet). Sure hope everybody gets better soon. My finger almost broke during the campaigns when I kept hitting the mute button. I'd probably want 12 cupcakes - you know, just in case.

  2. I've had pneumonia many times...all those cigarettes didn't help....I know what you're going through. I have to sleep almost sitting up...3 or 4 pillows...also...Dr gave me an albuterol inhaler which makes a huge difference while the antibiotics do their work....take care...get well...I just found your site on "Me and my dog"

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  4. You are doing the right thing by taking it easy. Hope you are back to your old self soon. Maybe used the wrong wording; instead of back to your "old" self, I should have said "as good as new".

  5. I can't wait to get this hip fixed so I'll feel back to normal also. These infirmities stink. Hope you're out and about soon.

  6. Did you get the pneumonia shot? If not, that might be a good idea. They have preventive vaccines for everything now.

    As "moderate" said, can you sleep sitting up, or at an angle like in a recliner? That might make it easier to breathe and sleep without coughing so much.

    The cupcakes sound wonderful!

  7. Did you know the Aflac duck is not real? I read an article about the Hollywood company that makes it a few years ago. I had been concerned about all the things they do to him! :0)

  8. I love those Aflac commercials, too! Remember that really cute one where the duck fell and bumped his head and was remembering duckling days? We watch lots of TV with the sound on "mute". We just read the text. Commercials are too loud. If I see a new Aflac ad, I try to listen.

    Years ago I had the BIG gall bladder surgery. Cost me six weeks away from teaching. Will never forget my doctor's face when I went to see him for clearance to go back to work! He discovered that I had pneumonia. Mine was the quiet kind. I was out another week. Either way, pneumonia is serious business.

    The most important thing is to take it easy. Enjoy the cupcakes. And know that you are much appreciated by lots of people! We want to see you well.

  9. We had a big white duck that reminded us of the Aflac duck. His name was Pete. We always get a kick out of them too. The wording around our mute button is gone ha ha.....due to the election this year too Jim and Sandie.

  10. If you happen to end up with any extra cup cakes, remember.....I am just the next State over:))