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Friday, November 23, 2012

My Thanksgiving

Dona;d's Turkey cake!

Three sisters - Julie, Marty, and Amy

Sibs - Joe and Jeanie

Donald and Jeannie

Autumn, Alyssa, Arianna
Keira (Kiki) oblivious to the camera!

The meal was just like I remembered everything from childhood.  Mom's recipe for dressing plus lots of other dishes made it just perfect.  My two sisters and daughter made pies the night before, so we had pumpkin, cherry, apple and chocolate pies to choose from.

I filled my plate with a small sampling of all the foods and managed to eat everything, plus a small sliver of chocolate pie.  What a meal and what great company to share it with.  Donald's mom also joined us but missed being in the pictures.  For having had pneumonia the same time I did, she sure looks a lot better than I do!  Amy's daughter, Stephanie, also missed being in the photos.  Joe's wife Sarah was in line at ToysRUs for the Black Friday sales.  I sure hope the stores all go back to Black Friday on Friday in the future and not dig into family dinner time.  Jeannie, Donald, and Stephanie joined Sarah later in the evening, and Donald's mom took their little girls home with her.

I enjoyed a couple glasses of riesling wine, but one beer tasted just terrible so I will wait a few days before trying it again.  Who knows, I may just give it up altogether.  I normally love the taste and would really miss it.

My mother made the best pie crust ever, and I watched her enough that I've been able to come close.  My daughter is now a great pie crust maker as well, and we heard from my granddaughter Ara (in PA) that she made pies for Thanksgiving carrying on the tradition and home-made flaky pie crust.  My mom would be proud.

I had been worried I might not be able to make it for the Thanksgiving dinner, but I'm so glad I decided to go.  Jeannie picked me up and drove me to Amy's, and Joe gave me a ride home.  From now on I'm going to drive myself everywhere I want to go.


  1. Few things better than a great pie with a flakey crust. My mother could make them too. I never got the hang of it so she taught David and he's really geat at it. Even does a flakey spelt flour crust. YUM! So glad you got to go to this get together and have such a good time.

  2. It is wonderful to be able to be with family on Thanksgiving. Makes it special.

  3. Us folk that don't do holidays made out like a champ this Thanksgiving. So glad you had a wonderful time and got to sample "everything". Being with friends and family tops it all off....although, chocolate pie is right up there.
    Glad ya went and are feel'n better.

  4. Never seen a cake like that! I think it's good you went and enjoyed yourself. :)

  5. Glad to hear you actually ate some of that delicious food. My Dad was the pie baker in our family and his crusts (made with lard of course) were so good. That cake is so cool.

  6. So funny that cake looks so real I thought to myself at first...that turkey didn't bake very well. Then I saw the title Donald's cake. It was an amazing job. So glad you were able to get and enjoy yourself. Maybe you need to share the secrets of a flaky pie crust. If it is as good as your bread I'd be happy to make pies!!!

  7. Aa turkey cake... I never. What a great family you have, Gypsy... You are very llucky ...

    Glad to read upi ate stiff/// ')