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Thursday, November 29, 2012

More rain on the way

I think it is going to get to flood stage in a few days.  I live about a mile from the American River, but don't worry as much as I would if I lived along a levee.  If it gets bad enough then everyone would be hit by it.  I would think at this stage the Folsom Lake & Dam would have had most of the water released so that it could hold a large amount of rain.  

Joe (my youngest) came by today with his 2 girls.  I had given him all the ingredients for minestrone soup to take home and make, and he returned some of the soup to me today.  Yummy!

I just melted when Keira (the 3 yr old) came over to hug me and said "Grandma, I love you - you my best friend."  She and Alyssa are both so sweet and loving.  Like all the grandchildren, they walk in and say "I'm hungry", and then go to the snack cabinet.  They also know I have grapes in the fridge, and spend most of the time eating or getting hungry again.

They decided I needed some Christmas decorations.  I got out a ceramic Santa Claus, as well as a few ornaments from years ago that I don't even know why I kept.  I don't like Christmas at all yet I'm thinking I will probably break down and buy a few more decorations and, (YukYukYuk) even a small tree.  Since the grandsons from NY will be here for the season I guess it's my duty to not be a scrooge.

Joe got up on the roof and rigged the tarp around the swamp cooler.  The wind was blowing so hard I was afraid it might billow out and take him flying.  He's enough of a daredevil he would probably enjoy it.


  1. I saw the report on weather.com about the rain and possible flooding in your area. Hopefully it will stay away from you.

  2. Stay buttoned up inside until it blows through. We need rain here. Suppose to get some this week.

  3. I'm looking into a volunteer position for next winter in Pinnacles NM. Do you know what the winter weather is like near there?

    I hear you about the holiday stuff, but may also drag out my itty-bitty tree and antique ornaments to liven up the place a bit. Maybe tomorrow...

  4. When the Grands show up, it is always a fun time!

  5. Its Thursday evening, raining like hell here in the Santa Cruz mountains, you will be getting it soon.

  6. We could sure use some of that rain here. Sure hope you're safe. I'm sure hoping that some day I have a granddaughter that tells me she loves me. What a wonderful thing.

  7. Well if it gets colder then we will probably get snow out of your rain. :)
    Glad you were able to get your soup made. Ours is all gone as of this evening. It tasted better every time it was warmed up.

  8. This is the time for soup no matter the weather in my opinion. I like the way you get yours. Give someone else the ingredients and they make it and bring it on over. That Joe is a great guy.

    Such sweet grandaughters. What's not to love about a grandma that always has treats! :-)

    I solved my Scrooge problem by celebrating the Winter solstice instead. Works great! I recommend it.