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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Medical appointments & shopping

Jeannie drove me to my appointment this morning, and then we went by her medical facility on the way home so she could get her first m'gram.  She just turned 40 and was a bit apprehensive about it, but said it wasn't bad at all.

After all that we stopped by Costco.  I finally broke down and bought a toaster.  I've been doing without one for several years because I didn't want to buy anything made in China, but I just gave up - the only American made toaster available that I can find is a 1940 retro refurbished model for $150.

With the new toaster you may be able to figure out what I bought to go with it - a big box of Eggos (Costco's brand which is much cheaper and much healthier, plus tastes better.)  I had bacon, eggs, and eggos for supper this evening.  Restocked my supply of frozen fish filets, a couple bottles of wine, and a big container of biscotti which I love to have on hand when I want something sweet (and they contain 180 calories each!).  Since it was lunch time we had one of Costco's Hebrew National hot dogs to eat.  This is a day to just stray from my normally healthy diet and eat stuff I like but don't often indulge in.

The rain we had a week or so ago brought out all the weeds in the ground, so tomorrow I hope to go out and pull a bunch of them before we get another whole week of rain beginning Wednesday.

One thing that has occurred since I got sick is that my bood pressure went down so much that I am not taking anything for it at present.  I take my blood pressure every couple of days and it is staying low.  I would love to never have to go back to the meds.

I am really starting to feel so much better.  It hasn't been all that long since I slept half the day, and I rarely take a nap lately.  But I'm tired tonight so I will soon turn off the computer and hit my wonderful comfy bed. 


  1. Ok I feel dumb asking this but what is a Biscotti?? I have never heard of them.
    We are going to have to join Costco you make it sound so great. We used to have membership then let it go as it was too far to drive. Glad you are feeling even better today!

  2. I have no idea what a Biscotti is either. Thought maybe it was an Italian Sports Car. I like toast so was forced to go the China route years ago. Sounds like you are well on your way to recupteration.

  3. Sadly, we have learned that if you will not buy stuff made in China, you will not have much stuff:(

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but a Biscotti is a biscuit? I remember having it once and its some sort of pastry type thingie? Hey good for ya to treat yourself!!! :)

  5. Every now and then we have to eat what we like, not just what likes us.

  6. Ah good ol eggos .., like biscotti too and look at you loving them 180 calories ... They are so small and I can eat two with. m'coffee ... no problem

    Glad you're feeling so much better ... warns the cockles ;)

  7. We just had the toaster problem too. Our made in America toastmaster finally gave up the ghost after about 30 years. They sure used to make them to last. We thought we'd buy a Black and Decker, good American company, right? Nope - made in China. I just wonder if this we buy everything from china stuff can continue if we want our economy to thrive. But you have to have toast, right??

  8. we have an old electric can opener we bought back in the 70's its still works great! One Christmas someone gave us a new one, made in china, it was horrible! So we took it to the junk shop and donated it! Still using our Made in USA vintage one! Hope it lasts forever!