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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Doing better than I thought

I made a discovery yesterday that makes all the difference in my attitude.  I have two scales - the one I have been using is a digital scale and keeps telling me I am about 109#.  I stepped on my old reliable scale with a dial yesterday morning and it told me I weighed 115.  I put the scales side by side and weighed on one and then the other.  Hell, I'm going for the tried and true old fashioned technology of the dial.

No more counting calories or trying to stuff myself  beyond my comfort level.  I will go on eating the way I always have - good fresh foods, organic fruits, vegetables, and meat, and wild caught fish.  If I want a dessert or 4 tsp of organic sugar on my oatmeal then I will have it.  My weight doesn't change who I am, and while I'd love to weigh 130, I'd setle for 120 or whatever I am right now.

Today was a stay-in-the-jammies all day long day.  I may venture to Costco tomorrow if I can get an early enough start, but I usually avoid driving on weekends, especially now that the Christmas shopping season is upon us.

Tonight is the welcome home party for my son in NY that I hate to miss, but it sure was taken out of my hands.  I'm there in spirit.

I'm working hard to try to get back to reading all the blogs in my list - if I can stay current I'll be happy.  I doubt I can ever go back to catch up on all the entries I missed the past month.

Update on taste buds:  coffee is heavenly; white wine (riesling or gewurztraminer) is heavenly; beer is getting better, although I don't have the same desire to drink it that I did before getting sick.

I'm starting to think about travel and camping once in while but I have no strong desire to do it any time soon.  When I get out my maps one of these days I'll know I'm cured!  I did get a catalog from National Geo. today that has a road atlas for sale that I think I'll get.  I wouldn't actually use it while driving as I prefer the individual state maps, but this one supposedly has the scenic routes, points of interest, National parks, etc.  It will be nice for dreaming and advance planning.  I could almost devote a small room to an office for maps!  God how I love them!



  1. Glad you are feeling better. BTW, I prefer paper maps to electronic ones.

  2. Now you're talkin'! Sounds like our good "old?" Gypsy is back. A good thing! I've had a similar experience with digital scales. Discovered that by just moving mine to a different place on the floor, I can gain or lose 2-3 lbs. Old dials are better! Have a good Sunday.

  3. I think you are feeling better!

  4. Just one question, will you send me the "other" scale? (Just kidding)

    Glad you are feeling better, you're sure sounding better.

  5. You do sound much better. I'm so glad. I love maps too. Hope you'll post all about this great sounding one. I am so sorry you missed your son's return. Life definitely has a mind if its own.

  6. Know what you mean by the older technology being better in many ways. I brought our scale all the from Canada this year but have scared to step on it so far. I too much prefer paper maps & atlas's. I do use a combination of Mapquest & paper maps. And I still prefer my own intuition & sense of direction over some of that GPS stuff. Keep your maps hand, you just might be needing them shortly.....:))

  7. Happy, happy, happy that you are feeling better. I threw out my scale because it just made me depressed. And there is no way to go back and catch up on blogs - I know. So don't worry about it.

  8. If you are enjoying wine and coffee, then things must be looking up:)

  9. It's great hearing you're feeling better. So sorry you didn't get to NY, but things happen. At least you know he's home and good.

    Get the maps, it's still fun to check them out.

  10. Lord I weigh 110 in my left ear lobe... you're right ... just be happy at your comfort level. I know what you mean by looking at the maps... that ol gypsy soul in us vagabonds is hard to stifle....

    fun innit... glad you're better...

  11. Yup, once them maps come out, you start thinking of the open road... Of course you can also sit and go back in your blog and see the places you have been too!

    Karen and Steve
    (Old Blog Name) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard
    (New Blog Name) RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard