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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


For those who asked, biscotti is twice baked. A cookie dough (not too sweet) is rolled or patted into a big square or rectangle and baked.  Then the baked "cookie" is sliced however you want and the smaller pieces are baked again.

I buy Nonni's almond chocolate

Here is a side view - it has chunks of almonds and a chocolate coating on one side.  It is soooo yummy, and dunked in coffee is just perfect.  I snack on them during the day even without coffee, and have to really discipline myself or I'll eat way too many, way too fast.  Costco sells them for about $10 a box, and there are 28 to a box. 

Some things never end, and once you agree to take one medical test you can be sure the doctors will figure out 10 additional tests you need.  So I'm back to the UCD Med Center in Folsom tomorrow for another one.  That's it for tests for me!

Just looking at the pictures of biscotti was too much to bear - I'm now munching on my 3rd one today, and they are 160 calories each.  Years ago I tried making them and they are pretty easy to make, by the way.

The rains are coming tomorrow and I don't look forward to a week of drippy weather.


  1. Funny, I'm reading this while munching on a Nonni biscotti!

  2. I love those and I am glad I can't get them or I would eat none stop.

  3. Oh, they are soooo good! We get the bags of smaller pieces, but they sure do a great dissapearing act..

  4. Good luck on the tests. At least you don't have to study for them. I think the medical profession just sees dollar signs in all those tests.

  5. I wouldn't be looking forward to a week of drippy weather either. Yuk!!

  6. I might have to try those some time if they come in a smaller box.

  7. Keep eating those and you are bound to put some weight back on. What fun way to do it.

  8. Well, I for one am grateful for the medical tests. If it hadn't been for all the pre-op tests back in January we wouldn't have found out about Jim's lung cancer and caught it at a stage 1. We also wouldn't have found out that the reason his leg hurt when he walked wasn't because of his back but because of the blockage. Hope you pass yours better than he did.

  9. Love that cookie. That's why I don't buy them, although I'm tempted every time I go to Costco.

  10. I can't believe I take a little bitty break from blogging and YOU decide and get yourself deathly ill and put in the hospital. G-Y-P-S-Y!!!! What are we going to do with you?!?

    Gosh, I am so glad you are getting better. It was awful to read how sick you were and I am so sorry I wasn't here to check up on you sweetheart. Glad the kids were there and you were finally released.

    I will be thinking of you and saying my prayers - I was inadvertently praying for you everyday, as I keep you in them, just didn't realize you were so sick.

    Okay, okay - whew! I am so happy. Hugs to you and I will email you soon. xo Skippy