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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm still here

Just nothing to write about. After spending Sunday walking around the stores I mostly rested on Monday and even today. Tomorrow I'll have a small dumpster in my driveway so I can get rid of a lot of junk from the house - scraps of flooring, cardboard, a rod for vertical blinds (from the smoking room so it isn't worth even trying to clean up), and even a couple of bags of leaves that I raked up.

I checked at the office today and it looks like I'll have to get someone to come out and pick up my old gas range. That means it will cost me, but it's worth it when it comes time to get rid of it.

I wanted to mention that I'm still dissatisfied with the options for email. It seems that many of the programs such as mail.com, Thunderbird, and many others, merely collect your email from other accounts such as gmail. What I was looking for was a completely new email program and address. I know they are out there, but some of them don't have very good organization. Right now I'm just plodding along with gmail and the "old" screen. Maybe they will let me keep that screen for a while; I can always go back to using AOL if I need to.

It looks like a slow boring TV night, so I'll probably listen to music for a while and then turn in early. Catch ya later.


  1. I forget why you don't like Yahoo... I've been using them for at least 10 years and haven't had any problems... interesting... huh?

    Well? now I want to read your archives! I don't seem them anywhere. I loved your Ireland and the Appalachian journals!

    I want more! ;) When did you begin to blog? after Ireland? Will there be anything in your blog about your trip back home? All I see is the older posts thing.... that'd take a looong time to go back a few years! ;)

  2. Salvation Army, Goodwill or some church will probably pick up your gas stove for free. There are always people needing them.
    Or put a sign on it saying "Free", and it will just disappear?

    I hope you can get the electric one hooked up soon.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  3. I'd never go back to AOL. I don't like it. Penny has some good thoughts on the stove, too.

  4. Gary said...
    Try posting your stove and other stuff on craigslist free adds, or foresale items under their catagory. good luck. Keep up the blog. I've really enjoyed it for the past couple of years.Jim&Ellie got me started on it.astudbiscuit@aol.com

  5. I like your new banner. It works just right on my screen: I can see the date of the blog, and instantly know if I have read it. Better than the old one where I had to scroll down before I discovered I had already read it.

  6. I use gmail. My email program (Mac) will collect my mail. The reason I use gmail is so that I can change providers, or not have a provider and I still keep my same email. I switched from Yahoo to gmail and I am very happy that I did. Hope this helps.