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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Birthday Party

Today my granddaughter, Autumn, is 5 yrs old, and I went to the party. Here is Autumn and her little sister, Arianna:

And of course, Donald did an excellent job on the cake. He said he asked her a week ago what theme she wanted, but she could never make up her mind. Yesterday, with one day to go, she told him she decided on Rapunzel (as she pronounces it, Ree-punzel).
If you have granddaughters and have had to chance to see the movie, you will recognize the cake, and it was certainly elaborate:

Here is a close up of Ree-punzel and her long hair:

And the last picture I took, speaking of long hair, is of my son, Joe, and me. Joe has always had beautiful red hair. For the past number of years he has kept it cut close, nearly shaved, so the color was only barely noticeable in the sun. He has let it grow the past couple of months, and at 34 he has not a gray hair on his head yet. The picture won't show the true glory of the red hair, and it would be much more obvious in the sunlight, but I wanted a souvenir as he is going to cut it before school starts in January.

Finally, a shot of the western sky that was on my camera when I imported the pictures to my computer. I think it was taken a week or so ago - each sunset is more beautiful than the last in this area - and I know I've shown similar views since I've lived in this house.


  1. What a handsome son and beautiful little granddaughters you have, Gypsy!

    And, Donald... your son? MADE that cake??? or do you mean he was responsible for getting it... whatever! that's a piece of art!

    You look lovely, m'dear ... ;) I canna see the Irish in ya

    Loved reading about your Ireland journey - hope you can post pictures

  2. Those are great pictures. And I have the same question as Carolyn--your son made that cake? I don't think I have ever seen such a fantastic creation. You must be feeling a lot better because you look wonderful too.


  3. Your Grandaughters are so cute, and your son you can be a proud of, a fine looking young man.Donna said the cake is a prize winner. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. Wow! That's some cake. It looks about as tall as your son. He certainly is talented.

  5. That cake is incredible. I bet she loved it. You can certainly tell you and your son are related. What a good lookin' kid. Mine also keeps his hair really, really short so who knows what color it is. He can't stand to have it touch his neck or his ears.

  6. Darling grandaughters! You and your son are both looking great. I always wonder why these young men want to wear more hair on their faces than on their heads. They have plenty of time for that when aging they grow bald. LOL

    Now that's SOME cake. How in the world did you cut and serve it??


  7. WOW and WOW again!!! on that cake?,,work of art!,,don't know if u have read my post on 11.21, but,,lol, u need to. It's about a 2 year old niece's BD party.
    Love ur pics. And love ur posts from Ireland, a place i've always wanted to go to.

  8. That cake is absolutely beautiful! What a talent Donald has! He must have been up all night putting it together, such a labor of love.

    You have a beautiful family! :)

  9. WOW!! What a cake!! Most impressive!!

    Donna Daniel nana.donnad@yahoo.com