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Friday, March 11, 2011

Who's a dinosaur?

I dropped the MAC at the apple store yesterday, and should get it back in 3-5 days. Naturally the old desktop doesn't work with the miff, so that left me up the proverbial creek! This morning I went to the verizon store where i bought the MiFi, and walked out with an iPad. I'll try not to grumble about the keyboard, but it isn't easy for someone who has always been a touch typist. Lots of spelling and ting errors are coming up.


  1. WOW...great going Gypsy! The iPads are very cool.

  2. Your way ahead of me on this one. I did finally buy an mp3 player, but still don't know how to work it. :)

  3. An IPad. That is something we have talked about and then talked ourselves out of and then talked about it again. I'll be curious as to what you think about it. And I agree, I'm a touch typist and learning how to text has been a real pain for me. Good luck.

  4. I think you will get used to it after practicing. I have an iPod, which is the same concept, but a lot smaller. It was hard at first but now I have no problem using it.
    Good luck!!

  5. We purchased a similar item made by HP. Didn't like it, especially the keyboard and that it was not compatible with my other stuff, like the camera chip, etc. Returned it. I will stick with a laptop when I am on the road.

  6. The lack of real sized keyboard is one of several reasons including cost that have kept me away from all those things including a smart phone. Like you, I can really type and really like to.

    And of course I don't text. Email is about as far away as I want to get from face to face with the people I enjoy. Other than blogs of course :-)

    I realize I'm "behind the times" but I'm not sure I think so much of this stuff coming down the pike is really in our best interest. Just because we can do it and it benefits corporate america for us to do it doesn't mean, IMO, that we should do it. Seems to be a lot like "keeping up with the Joneses"

    I spent most of my life as a manager of computer operations and didn't like what I saw with more and more "innovations".

    I'm with Dizzy. Laptop is quite fine. I don't care to be connected or available 24/7.


  7. Hi Gypsy...how you doing with your eyes? As far as making changes in computers, etc...its always difficult. I too was a touch typist from years ago...on typewriter, then keyboard. Then I had to learn "windows"and all those windows popping up..grrrr. I had learned keyboard command, and then I found it annoying to see windows popping up asking me questions,etc. Then I had to master the Mac for work. So what do you do? You adjust and master the new program and how to work with the files. You have to...when your work depends on it. I became a very good instructor and trainer because I truly understood and difficult change is. But alas that is all history now. My strokes left me less capablee...had to retire on disability in 2003 and its been a difficult adjustment for me. All things work out for the best though.

  8. Hi Gypsy,

    After you get used to your iPad, I hope you like it as much as I do. Adjusting the size is so easy.