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Monday, March 7, 2011


I read yesterday's post several times, and tweaked it a few times before publishing, but I should have known better than to include a reference to something I know nothing about! I'm speaking of propane tanks, and more specifically, the tanks in Class A and Class C motorhomes. They have to be filled on site and can't be removed and taken to a propane station for filling. I knew that, but that's about all I know of motorhomes.

At the RV sales lot on Saturday I would venture to say that it was mostly 5th wheels, or at least that's what Susan was looking for. I began to notice that the door to the LPG bay was rather small compared to what I had on my 2004 hitchhiker. As we walked around the units I found that an identical LPG bay was located on the other side of the RV, and I began to open the doors on a number of 5vers to take a look. Each bay held one large tank, and I could never figure out what is going on that the two tanks are separated as they are. I thought I remembered seeing the same smaller LPG doors on the Class A's but I was no doubt mistaken. So to all the commenters who have motorhomes, point taken. I could say that I just wanted to see if you were awake, and the answer is a resounding YES!

I just looked up a the Keystone Montana website, and while nearly all their photos are of the interior, here is a link to the exterior which shows what I mean. This is a bay for a single tank: http://keystone-montana.com/index.php?page=gallery (The TV is sitting in the pass through storage, I suppose in case you are sitting outside with the storage bay door in the open position and want to watch tv. The LPG door is to the right of that.)

I finally got the oil changed in the truck this morning, and a new air filter. I'm sure the environment in the Arizona desert results in a shorter life for the air filter. I had planned to go have my tires checked, but never got that far. Of a list of about 8 places I needed to go, I only crossed off two of them when I got home. Maybe I'll make another attempt tomorrow, as I need to visit the storage lot and try to get some decent interior pictures of the camper.

I also got a couple of comments to the effect that if I have to drag out the desktop computer I should probably get rid of it. I know I should, even though it has a couple of programs that I like and that don't work on the MAC. I could solve that dilemma by partitioning the hard drive. Excuse me, by having someone else partition the hard drive. Actually, it's the monitor that I love and hate to get rid of. It's the best monitor I've ever had, and every time I get the equipment out and turn it on I realize anew what I'm missing. It isn't all that elaborate, just a Dell flat 19" screen, but for some reason I like it beyond any other screen I've ever seen. I don't know the technical details because I'm not interested in that kind of detail, but there is probably some reason why it looks so fine!


  1. You like what you like, which is your right. If you like that screen, then by golly you should use it and enjoy it while you use it.

  2. I have stumbled acrost yer blog and yer a perplexin' me. I'm a readin' bout your difficulties with that big old 5th wheel ya had and now yer truck and camper get up.

    By my way of thinkin' ya should at least visit inside a few of them little Class C mobile, mobile homes. I'd be a thinkin' one about 24 feet or so would be something that might work fer ya. Anyways, I'm enjoyin' readin' yer writin's.

  3. I think with ever larger LP Gas tanks, they began to be lop sided in weight with both tanks on the same side of a 5th wheel. So now they place them one on each side to maintain weight balance on the trailer. Also the tanks are not deep inside the doors, but just barely inside, which makes them easier to lift up and into their hold down brackets. The drawback is that you have to run around the front end to check on the tank levels and take them out to get them filled.

  4. Can you hook your Mac up to the flat screen? We still have a PC desktop but both our Macs are partitioned for Mac & PC, very convenient.

    I know zip about Class A's but did have a Class C before the 5er so I wondered about having propane tanks on both sides. It wouldn't be too convenient to pull in to fill the tanks.

  5. We have one large tank permantely installed in the Motor Home. I like that because I no longer have to wrestle with heavy propane tanks & then haul them off to get filled. Never did like doing that & never did like that switching between tanks stuff. We can easily combine propane stops with fuel stops & the much bigger tank lasts for weeks & weeks & weeks:))