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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leaving the laptop at Apple

I tried to phone for an appointment today, but all I got was a garbled voice message. The distortion made it so I couldn't understand what they were saying, although I did get the idea that I couldn't speak to a real person. So I will just drive over to the Apple store some morning and see what they can do.

In anticipation of having to leave it there for a few days, I deleted all my history. But there is the feature that remembers when you start to enter a web address. Great! Now to figure out how to get rid of that. I also have a doc file with all my passwords and userid's - some very important ones and others that I'll probably never use again. You know how it is - no matter what website you go to they want you to register. I don't unless I have to.

I will move the doc file from the computer to a flash drive, and hope that it isn't accessible to someone who knows more about current technology than I do. God forbid that I have to change all my passwords! I think I would quit computing.

Are there other steps I should take? I can't believe that some young tech would pore over an old lady's computer in hopes of finding anything useful, but since I do a lot of banking online my account is the one thing I am concerned with. Suggestions welcome.

The 70° day turned out to be downgraded to a 64° day, and the 10-day forecast calls for temps in the 60's with lots of rainy days and a couple of sunny ones. I won't complain, especially since when the rains stop in this part of the country you can just see the earth dry out, and you can notice the same parched look on your skin.

It's time to fix my dinner. Since the local spinach crops are plentiful now, I can't get enough of it, so that is on my menu along with potatos and chicken tenderloin that has been marinating for the last couple hours.


  1. Guess I'm niave in the computer department, as I would have never thought of deleting things before taking my computer in for repairs. :(

  2. Delete the cookies as that is where the type ahead info is on the websites that you have visited. It may take a while to get back after you do this, but better than having stuff ready for the tech to enjoy!

  3. Guess it's better to be safe than sorry. Had never thought about that.

  4. Just ask Rick he can probably tell you a short way to prepare it for the shop depending on which browser you use. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Deleting files only deletes the path to them. They will always be on the hard-drive until they are over-written with other files or the HD is reformatted. Any good tech can access your deleted files (if they have not been over-written and then there would still be fragments left here and there). Be carefull with your banking information.

  6. For your Apple laptop (for some reason I think it's a laptop, forgive me if I'm wrong):

    Go into Safari and 'reset Safari' and empty the cache. Then do 'Preferences,' Security tab, 'show cookies,' highlight and delete them all.

    I have a backup drive that I have pretty much everything backed up on from both computers (iMac and MacBook), so just delete sensitive files off the computer when it goes to the shop and copy them back when it comes home.

    And, since this is way long as it is, I sent you an e-mail with info about creating a maintenance account when taking your Mac to the doctor.

  7. I am like everyone else, would never have thought to delete anything, but have been very lucky not needing any work done on my computers. So far all I have done is upgrade. I wish I hadn't said this. Now I think I probably jinxed myself. :)