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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Update, 2nd post 3/26

With all the comments I received suggesting that I might have Valley Fever, I decided at 5:30 pm to drive to an Urgent Care center about 6 miles from here. I've been there before, and really like and trust the staff. A chest xray didn't really show anything, so they suggested a blood test which would determine if I have the "whatever it is", although I don't think it's a bacterial disease. Since I started feeling bad yesterday I haven't eaten much at all, and consequently I haven't been drinking enough water, so I'm probably dehydrated.

After two techs and 4 tries they couldn't draw blood, so I have a paper to take to a lab tomorrow and have the blood drawn. In the meantime I'm going to drink lots of water, so I will probably have to get up every hour during the night - not much rest in store for me!

I came out of the Urgent Care at 8:30 pm, and of course it was dark by then. I don't like to drive in the dark at all, and considered calling my daughter to pick me up. I decided to drive myself since I will need to get to the lab tomorrow. I think my parking lot is probably the worst, although I have trouble with turns - it is nearly impossible for me to see concrete islands, and the lanes aren't marked very well. I sure wish they would use more highly reflective paint on the streets, but they won't.

So thanks to everyone who commented on my post and urged me to consider the possibility of Valley Fever. I doubt that I have it, but at least I should get a definitive answer. I can say that I will never again drive through or spend time in Arizona, and will try to avoid spending much time in New Mexico as well. I suppose it affects people differently because there are certainly enough RVers who love it there. I just seem to have had terrible luck while I was there which clouds my perspective. I don't mean to offend anyone by saying that, but it is just how I feel.


  1. Sure will be glad when we know what is wrong with you. And even though I love AZ and NM, it's wonderful that not everybody does. Can you imagine how much more crowded it would be? I can't imagine liking Florida and yet others wouldn't be any where else. Thank goodness we aren't all alike.

  2. Yep, it's different strokes for different folks alright. I stay away from the southeastern parts of the country because I am afraid of the dreaded 'People Fever!!'

  3. I hate to tell you this gypsy but you can get Valley Fever in California too as well as West TX, and all of Mexico so staying out of AZ and NM might not cut it. In fact you could get it up here if there wasn't so much grass and such to stop the dust from blowing around. I think you've been out of AZ too long to have gotten it there. I think the incubation period is up to a month or so. Anyway, for your sake, I hope it's not Valley Fever and if it is get on the antifungal drugs right away! They should have your blood test results back in a couple of days but they won't put you on antifungal drugs until they have the results.

  4. I'm glad you went to get checked out. The fact you haven't even had enough fluids is scary. I live in Southern AZ. and while I used to love it it has become way to crowded. I discovered the White Mountains a while ago and now spend my summers there. I love it.
    Take care and hope you get well soon.