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Sunday, March 6, 2011

And more rain!

I didn't even leave the house today except for Lady's two dog walks. This morning we both made new friends - a lady with a little beagle type dog often walks on the other side of the street, and we wave and exchange greetings. Her dog has a really deep bark, more like a snarl. This morning she assured me that he was snarling because the leash was preventing him from making the acquaintance of a pretty Lady. She asked if she could bring him over and I agreed, figuring Lady wouldn't have any problems with a male half her size. At first I don't think either of them knew what to do, but then as we relaxed the leashes he of course spent the rest of the time sniffing. I'm so relieved they did fine together. She wants to be with other dogs, but if they try to exert dominance then it's a no-go. She has a dominant streak herself and won't put up with a dog snarling at her.

It rained the entire day and I was happy to stay inside. When I was eating my dinner I heard some sort of altercation taking place outside, at least a lot of shouting and profanity occurred, which is a rarity here. I didn't even try to hear what they were shouting about because I don't care to know, although I did worry that it was taking place pretty close to my truck. The other guy finally drove off, and I hope it's over.

I will take my truck for the oil change tomorrow, and hope the oil for it was delivered. I made the mistake of going to the shop on Friday, and that must be their busiest day. I guess they don't keep the oil for the diesel in stock as they don't work with many diesel engines - Japanese cars are their specialty. Afterward I'll go and have the front tires looked at. I've tried to see the date on them but can't make it out because of my vision problems. I would estimate maybe 4-5 years, and they are probably the cheapest tires that would fit the truck. The woman who sold it to me told me she had just had the front tires replaced because someone slashed the original ones while it the rig was stored. In my eagerness to take possession of the 5th wheel and truck I didn't ask for the date of purchase - they looked new after all, and I was really more interested in the 5th wheel.

I went with Susan to look at RV's on Saturday, and I'm sure I look at 5th wheels with a much more critical eye than I did in 2008. We live and learn, and what pleases one person isn't necessarily true for others.

One thing I noticed, and maybe an astute reader can comment on the reason for one propane tank being stored on one side of the rig, with the other tank on the opposite side of the rig. I found this with just about all the 5th wheels and even the Class A's. Personally I don't think I would like it. I nearly always took both my tanks to be topped off at the same time, and it would just be more of a hassle to take one out and then have to run around to the other side to get the 2nd one.

I need to take my laptop to the Apple store to have some keys replaced. Four of them on the lower right side of the keyboard are losing the black-colored surface, and since the keyboard is backlit I can see what the actual keys look like inside. I can bet the Apple store will have to keep my laptop for a few days at least, so I don't know if I will just do without, or if I will haul out my old desktop. I think I could plug in the Mifi on a USB connection, as the desktop is not a wireless model. I hate to think of even having to use Windows again, and it would probably give me all sorts of trouble since I have not loaded any updates for ages. I might do it just for the games, but maybe I should go without.


  1. Even with good vision it may be hard for most folks to figure out which numbers in an abundance of numbers is the actual manufactuing date. I know how easy it is to overlook things when in the exuberance mode of buying something you really like & want....

  2. Glad to hear you are getting out some. Did you go to an RV show to look at RV's? I am somewhat confused with your comment about Class A's having removable propane tanks. I know 5th wheels do have removable tanks, but do believe all Class A's propane tanks are permanent. We also owned a Class C and it had a permanent propane tank too.

  3. I'm with Linda, I've never run in to a class A with removable tanks.

  4. Hey, Gypsy... if you find you aren't wiling to haul out your desktop (for all the reasons you mention) - time to get rid of it!

  5. What is it with these alpha female dogs. Our Scooter is the same way. She's fine with other dogs until they try to exert any authority and then she turns into this short legged tiger. I can't read the date on our tires even with my glasses on. Jim knows exactly where it is and he can figure it out but I would need a magnifying glass.

    I agree with Laurie - get rid of the desktop. One less thing to deal with when you move.

  6. My class-C has a permanent tank that can not be removed and all class-A's that I know of have the same arrangement.

  7. Both of our tanks are on the same side, and in the same compartment. Can't imagine why they would seperate them like that.

  8. All the Class A's, B+'s, and C's that I have had, or worked on, have had chassis mounted tanks. They can have a portable tank added with an Extend-A-Stay, so that you don't have to move the rig to get propane.
    Travel trailers and 5ers have removable tanks. Most 5ers that I have seen, had both tanks in a compartment under the hitch.
    This must be something new to have them on opposite sides. For balance, maybe, or so that a generator can be installed in that compartment, which is becoming more popular on the 5ers.
    Happy Tails to Lady, and Happy Trails to you. Penny, TX