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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I guess I'm a dinosaur

This morning I was at the Verizon store Shortly after opening time to return the iPad2. I know I will never get used to this keyboard, nor will I ever learn to like it. But the salesman who did such a good job selling it to me convinced me I haven't given it enough time. so I came back home with it. I decided I will take it with me when I pick up my Mac, and if they will sync my photos and music, I might keep it. I have 14 days to decide.

In it's favor is the size and weight. It is perfect to carry along when the weight of a laptop is cumbersome. I know however that my main use will be as a backup for email, as it isn't exactly easy to surf the web. The worst part is that I need an iTunes account to get additional Apps' and that includes Firefox. It is set up so that you can't download Firefox except through iTunes, even though it is free.

My big gripe with getting an iTunes account is that you have to give them a credit card number. Maybe you must do the same with a Paypal account, which is why I've always stayed away from Paypal. I'm adamant about it and exceedingly stubborn. My feeling is that there Are a lot of folks who feel the same way I do, but cave in - Why fight City Hall? Well I don't believe in a leaving a credit card account sitting out there open-ended, and I ain't gonna do it!

I'll be glad to get my laptop back, and i'm so glad I have a Mac. Just setting up my desktop and dealing with Windows has me convinced I never want to go. back to it. I'm sure those who have gotten comfortable with windows 7 feel the same way about their preference, and that's fine. Competition helps us all in the long run.

I realize that to reduce the size of the unit and to keep it lightweight and portable the keypad must be greatly reduced. But I hate it and will never like making all the typing errors that I make.


  1. You can't be that much of a dinosaur. I don't even know what an I-pad2 is! :)

  2. Thanks for the report on the Ipad2. We haven't decided on it yet, and we're like you. Why have a credit card out there when you're not going to use it. I hate that too. I'll stay with the laptop. One day I'll consider the MAC, but not yet. lol

  3. If you have a credit card and use online banking, you can get another credit card number that you can use. It's for shopping and you can put a limited amount on it. I do that when I shop. The online bank account will create a 'new' credit card number and it will keep your regular card safe.

    Just a thought. You might be able to get a wireless keyboard for your iPad, also.

  4. Don't beat yourself up over this. There are scores of us out here who have no idea what and I-pad is. I love windows and don't think I would ever change. If we all had the same tastes in everything, this would be a boring old world.

  5. Wow, gypsy congrats on the ipad! I'm thinking that might be the best things for my sister - she never learned how to type. I would love one!

  6. I am comfortable where I am with my current computers running XP & Win 7. I have no need of a cell phone & wouldn't even consider any of that IPad stuff. I simply have no need to be constantly checking for emails, text messages, or any kind of that people communication stuff, kid's games or wizmo mania And especially not on something I can hardly even see to begin with. The priority in my world is downsizing my people contact, not upsizing it. Besides, I like being a big old Dinosaur. It certainly has it's advantages:))

  7. Trust me, compared to a lot of folks I know, you are far from being a dinosaur!

  8. Marty, Jill here and I just read your blog RE: the Ipad etc. Well, I think that it is nice for people that have never used a "real" computer or just as a back-up. Probably having an IPhone is just as good if not better. My "old" windows computer gave out on me last Oct. 2010 and I bought a 13" Mac Pro. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! And the help in any Apple Store is the BEST. I am suffering a learning curve, but slowly getting it all in tow. As for ITunes needing your credit card, I never gave them mine. I have actually never purchased anything in the "ITunes" store. I just look for the "Freebies". Good Luck! Happy to hear you are doing all right.

  9. Happy to hear about another dinasaur.
    Never trusted PayPal since they had that hacker attack. But I was able to get an itunes account when I bought a little ipod mini to use for tunes to run by.

    The mini required some sort of software that was free from itunes. I've never purchased anything from them. But that was quite a few years ago and maybe they don't do that anymore.

    I find lots of things that were formerly free aren't anymore. Including my local library's interlibrary loan service. :-(

    Not that I'll care when I'm out O' here and back on the road in less than a month. :-)