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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More info on LPG tanks

Because I was so curious as to the reason for the tanks being on opposite sides, I posted a question on RV-net forum. The most common response was that it was to accommodate the folks who want a big pass-through storage, and setting the individual tanks on opposite sides provides more space for such storage.

As I mentioned in a previous post, one learns to look at RVs with a more critical eye after one has owned and lived in one, and of course, each person has his or her own unique critical eye. For me, pass through storage was not an issue, the same as an on-board washer/dryer would never be an issue with me. Some folks however, wouldn't want to be without one.

The forum responses included a lot of posts from those who say they only remove one tank at a time when it runs out, and get it refilled immediately. This insures they will never be without propane. Once I figured out how to read the red/green indicators I never had a problem with running out. When I thought I was low in the 2nd tank I opened the bay at least once a day to check. For me it was so much of an effort to carry the empties to the truck bed, and then to get the full tanks down from the bed and carry them to the storage bay and lift them up into place, I didn't want to have to make the effort until it was necessary. I'd rather do two of them once a month than one every two weeks. Considering a full tank was about 1/3 of my bodyweight, I think I did damn well to even carry a full tank! I'd switch out the propane tanks twice a week rather than have to empty the waste tanks though. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes as well as preferences, and no one need apologize for something they enjoy doing, or hate with a passion!

I finally got to Petsmart today to buy dog food. A 30# bag was $49.99, and it had a pull off sticker-coupon for $7 off the price. I was surprised when the clerk told me it would be $47.36. The tax alone came to $4.37! I have been looking for a good dog food with little or no grain fillers, and this seems to be agreeable with Lady. But I don't know if I can spend that much on her food.

Another thing I noticed is that none of the dog food brands seem to carry any dry foods that contain beef. You can get chicken, turkey, salmon, lamb, and even wild meat such as bison or elk (very expensive). I don't know what the deal is with beef. I eat very little of it myself, but it is supposedly healthy for dogs. I'm also seeing a lot more vegetarian dog foods on the shelves. The people who buy this stuff obviously don't look up the facts on what a healthy dog needs, and it's NOT a vegetarian diet.

I'm enjoying a little foray into the outside world now and then, although I don't enjoy being in the stores. For some reason the overhead lighting nearly blinds me and I can't see anything beyond a short distance. I really notice it in a grocery or a Target - I can't figure out what is on the shelves in a particular aisle because of the intense glare. I plan to stay home for a while now - no need to go anywhere. A look at my checking account tells me to slow down as well.

In the middle of days in the 60° range, tomorrow is forecast to be a heavenly 70! Just one day though, to give us a taste of spring and then it's back to the 60's. In every direction the trees are beginning to flower. Sacramento will really be beautiful by next week with all the blossoming trees.


  1. I know, some stores still bother me and I wear my sunglasses inside for the glare. I do the same in the snow, cloudy or not!

  2. Hi Gypsy. Have you thought about wearing a tennis visor or similar?
    I cannot take glare from above either. I drive with my car visor down all the time, summer or winter.

    Lady, and your pocket book, will appreciate the good food you are buying her. She should eat less of the good food that doesn't contain a bunch of cornmeal and fillers. Also you will have less to pick up.

    Most ailments are from eating the wrong foods, even cancer.
    Good food for people and pets is cheaper than doctor bills.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. For me, I'd rather dump the tanks three times a week than check the air pressure in the tires. I hate the air compressor and checking the tires most!

    I've always been happy with IAMS dog food for all the dogs I've had. Best part is compact stool. :)

  4. My Scooter is allergic to beef and chicken so we have to buy her venison and duck dog food and treats. Instead of having two different kinds of foods we just feed Skittlez the same thing. The good news is, they are little and don't eat that much (or at least they're not supposed to).

    My sun glasses (which are persciption) are always with me because the light bothers my eyes, too.

  5. I have never liked that overhead neon lighting they have in most stores. I too drive with the windshield visor down most all the time & in the last few years have taken to wearing peaked caps to block out brightness.
    Never did like having to haul those bulky propane tanks out of our fiver years ago either. Trying to put air into any kind of tire is an exercise in futility for me.

  6. I'm with you on the lighting in stores and I haven't had anything done to my eyes. It just seems to glare or maybe it's just bouncing off all the cheap goods. I've gotten to where I hate to shop for anything other than groceries. But as you say, that's good for my bank account.


  7. I'm another person that don't like the glare from above. Sometimes after shopping I will have a terrible headache from all the bright lights. Lady's food seems awfully high. Not saying she is not worth it, just thinking where is it all going to stop?

  8. Gypsy, if you are really intent on giving your dog beef, there is Purina One beef and rice. However, if you have a Costco nearby, Costco lamb and rice formula is more balanced with more nutrients at 1/4 the cost. We have a small dog now 14 years young in perfect health. By the way, a large percentage of dogs are alergec to beef, making them scratch and itch, especialy in spring and summer.. Good luck !

  9. Glad your surgery has been successful! After my torn retina my depth perception was terrible and going into a store with large circles on the floor was awful. Now with cataract surgery the brightness leaves me in a ball cap and sun glasses to cope. Airing tires - oh yeah - lots of 'fun' and setting the Pressure Pro adds another bit of trama. :-) Hope you like your MiFi. We just got one and the jury is still out. Good news/bad news. Lynda