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Monday, March 2, 2020

The state we're in

It's hard to believe we are already in the 3rd month of the year.  Christmas seems to have been such a short time ago, and even my family get-together back in November seems so recent .

The past two days have been  very windy, and I have stayed in as much as possible.   I have been trying to get Rocky out for a short walk each day, and I mean it is really short!  We both need a longer walk each day,  but when I heard that the virus can spread through the air, I just don't want to do it.  It's about time for me to do some work in the garden to get the soil ready for my tomato plants and squash seeds, and I'll start on that when the winds ease up.

I've reached the point where I want to stay at home as much as possible, rather than go out into crowds of people.  I even passed up a trip to Costco yesterday.  Unfortunately I have another dental appointment on Wednesday, and I hope that's the last of it.  The last time took me a full week to recover and to be able to eat properly.

My oldest son is in the Army Reserves, and has just come back from an 8 month deployment.  I'm so glad he is back and at home with his family, especially since today is his birthday.  He came back through El Paso, which I understand is housing some coronavirus patients.  My middle son's birthday was yesterday, and my niece, who lives in the unit next to me has a birthday on Wednesday!

I've been following the virus situation, and some of the ridiculous official statements:  "Disinfectants don't work"; "I have no information on that"; "Stop buying masks"; etc.  I think I have enough supplies in so that I don't need to go anywhere to buy things.  Also, I order a lot online and have the merchandise delivered, although it is way more expensive when you pay for shipping and handling, so the time will come when I just can't afford it.  I'm ordering extras for some things so that I don't have to worry about running out, no matter how long the worst of this virus lasts.

I hope you are all prepared for whatever comes next.  I think this will be a very tough year, but I don't want to wish away what time I have left by wanting to get through this year quickly.

Have a good week, and stay safe and healthy!


  1. I too can not believe we are already in March...it just seems that time speeds on by...now that I am in my later years :-(

    I think you might have your cities mixed up. San Antonio, Texas is where the coronavirus people are housed (from the cruise ship in Japan) not El Paso, Texas.

    Our government is so inefficient they allowed one of those persons to leave before getting the results of her third test which came back positive.

    This lady left stayed at a local hotel, then boarded some sort of transportation to a local mall where she shopped and ate at the local food court before going back to the hotel.

    They had to close down North Star Mall in San Antonio today for 24 hours to get it disinfected. This is really scary stuff.

    I have enough food to last me for four months but my target is six. I would also like to stock up on more paper goods (toilet paper and paper towels) but I am good for three months.

    I am somewhat shocked that NONE of my friends are even the least bit worried and have done no prepping. I think you know that I never really had a close relationship with my grandmother but both my Mom and uncle claim she always played homage to Mexican sayings.

    One of those being "Mujer preparada vale por dos"...verbatim translation..."A prepared woman is worth two". Though in English there is another similar saying...though at this late hour it is not registering on my feeble mind.

  2. Thanks for straightening me out on the two Texas cities I always get mixed up. I've never been that far south in Texas and don't know much about it.

    Friends who are not preparing will be showing up at your door with their sad stories! I will share with my kids & their families, and my niece who lives next door, but I don't have enough to share with everyone. People who don't take this crisis seriously should not count on help from those who prepared.

    I wish this would be a lesson to the U.S to start manufacturing some of our necessary items here in our own country. China can produce our clothing and such, but food and medicines should be done here at home, and by home I'm including the North American continent - Canana, the U.S., and Mexico.

    1. El Paso is a border city in far west Texas closer to New Mexico. San Antonio straddles Central and South Texas and is a thriving and fun city that always has festivities going on and is home to my San Antonio SPURS :D

      I am in total agreement with the US manufacturing more of the necessary items for our country. I also agree with your definition of home to include Canada, USA, and Mexico much like in the new NAFTA trade agreement now called CUSMA.