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Sunday, March 29, 2020

My new toy!

Actually it isn't exactly a toy - it's a serious piece of exercise equipment.  I'm talking about my treadmill.  Donald came by yesterday afternoon and set it up.  I walked on it a bit last night and again this morning.  I love it, and am determined to get in shape, and since I don't feel safe even walking Rocky out on the streets now, I'll do my walking indoors!

Donald took Rocky home with him when he left, and Jeannie said he was a perfect angel, even when they were eating dinner he didn't beg or whine.  He played with the girls out in front of their house and I'm sure he thought he was in heaven.  I've noticed his behavior change since we haven't gone anywhere lately nor have we been in close contact with other people  or pets.  The poor thing doesn't understand what is going on, and his natural friendly labrador retriever personality is at a loss.

I have photos I want to add to this post, however I'm having great difficulty with them.  Evidently Google updated the blogger program, or maybe it was something to do with my photos, but I hope they show up clearly.  So frustrating!

 The first one shows the simplicity of the controls and the second is a photo of the unit.  As you can see, it is much smaller and more compact than the type you see in a gym, but it's perfect for me.   The quality of the photos is something I cannot do anything about.  I keep the wall-to-wall curtain closed most of the time for privacy.  This room was created from a garage, so instead of blocking in part of the front wall they just added a huge, garage-sized window.  There is a door set into the window, but I keep it closed and locked. This room is sort of a catch-all room - my printer and desk, bookshelf, art table (the kids love to sit at this when they come to visit), Rocky's supply of dog food, and even some boxes I still haven't unpacked from the move almost a year ago!

I hope you all take care and stay safe.  Please don't take chances - it is costing lives and many could have avoided it by staying confined to home.  Until next time - - -


  1. This will be like a vacation to Rocky but also give you time to use the Treadmill.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the isolation.

    It's about time.

  2. I have the feeling this crisis is going to last a lot longer than any of us can fathom.

  3. I love the treadmill the size is perfect and it is simple. Enjoy it

  4. I like your treadmill simple and with no high tech stuff that requires an engineering degree to operate.

    I am sure Rocky had a great time but how come he is well behaved with them and not with you? At least you can take a break from one another and be even happier when you reunite.

    I too have a feeling this is going to last for a lot longer than we imagine.

    1. My daughter reminded me of when she and her brothers were kids - they were always well behaved at someone else's house even though they acted up at home. So true.

  5. Sounds like good for Rocky and good for you and good for the kids. Nice to hear so many positive things in this frequently depressing time.

    1. It certainly is depressing, and more depressing is the fact that it is likely to get much worse before it gets better. Take care of yourself, please. You've been through so much and your immune system is probably fighting to keep up with you!