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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Some good news

Jeannie does my taxes every year, and she just called me to let me know what my refund is this year.  Out of  that I owe a small amount to the State of California, but since I sold my mobile home I qualify for a "renter's credit".  God bless California!  I have lived in several other states during my lifetime but this is where I want to be.  In my travels I have been in all 50 states and each has it's own beauty and attractions.  But I'm glad to call California home.  I realize that many people like to make fun of my state, but they can laugh all they want - I have a good life here.

The rain yesterday seemed to make the tomato plants grow even better.  I am not sure what I will do with all the tomatoes I hope to reap, but I will share with my kids if they want them, and I told Donald that I count on him to help me use them.  I visualize lots of tomato sauce, salsa, and whatever way we can think of to make use of them in the coming year.  It will be interesting to compare the varieties by taste, yield, hardiness, and so on.  I didn't really plan to grow so many plants, but when looking at the catalog and all the heirloom varieties, I just couldn't settle on just one or two varieties.  I could have grown many more than I did, because some of the seeds were wasted.  I hate to waste anything and it hurt to not use every single seed.  What I did was to plant several seeds in each cup, and save the best and largest in each cup.  That meant pulling the smaller seedlings and discarding them.  I hated to not have kept them, but then I'd be looking at 100 or more plants.  Maybe next year I can narrow it down to half the varieties I plant, according to what grows best.   Or maybe I will decide to plant and harvest even more tomatoes!

Today has been cloudy and chilly.  I am trying to keep the thermostat at a lower setting to save money on the gas bill.   I do have a small space heater that I turn on and aim at myself when I'm sitting on the sofa.  And I dress warmly.

I've been taking Rocky for a short walk every day.  We never come into contact with people although I exchange waves with some who are in their front yards.  I'm wondering if I should just  exercise him in the back yard if and when the virus gets closer to home.  I need the walk probably more than he does. 

I wish everyone out there the best of health in the coming weeks & months.  We seem to be in for a rough ride.  I waver between being positive and being negative (or maybe being realistic), but I think it's better to try to stay hopeful and do the best we can to stay healthy.



  1. I never even thought about the salsa from the tomatoes I bet Donald can make a great salsa.

    We had 3 days in the 80's and I was running around my house in burmudas today I had to put on sweats. I have turned my heat to off also.

    1. I don't think we've gotten above 75, but it be long. I should probably get my warm weather clothes out and ready for the heat when it arrives.

      I think Donald will be able to use a lot of the tomatoes, and I will enjoy what he makes from them. Tomatoes are probably the easiest thing to can, but I don't feel like doing it these days. It sure is fun watching those little plants grow. I will be able to put them into the ground in April and will begin to reap the harvest in June.

  2. I always wanted to move to California when I was in my 20's but none of my friends shared my dream nor did my parents. I was too afraid to do it on my own and when I was finally able to do so with the company I worked for my dad began having health issues that required me to remain in Texas. So I am glad you love living in California!

    I must admit I had never heard of a "renters credit" before but I am not surprised as California has always been ahead of the pack.

    I had no idea you had traveled to all 50 states, wow, that is a real accomplishment that not too many people can lay claim to. I can hardly wait to see how many tomatoes you harvest this year!

    1. There are problems in every state, but from my point of view I have never been sorry that I joined all my family who has moved here - 2 brothers and a sister, plus two sons and a daughter. i also have a sister and a brother who live in Carson City, Nevada, just a short drive across the border from CA.

      For several years I was in a friendly competition with my oldest son for how many states we had been in. I won the contest a few years back. I needed Alaska and didn 't think I would ever get there, but my youngest son & his family took me there to visit some of his wife's family. It was a wonderful Christmas present from Joe, and allowed me to get all 50!

      The tomatoes should give me a great harvest, if all goes well.