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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday Morning

I just got back from a great walk with Rocky.  It must have made him sleepy because he is stretched out with his eyes closed.  What a beautiful morning, and not too many folks out yet.

One thing I always noticeis trash everywhere, and  way too much of it is along the school property.  Remember the old anti-litter slogan - "Give a hoot, don't pollute".  They would do well to bring that back again.  I cannot imagine one of my kids ripping open a bag of candy or chips and throwing the empty bag on the ground.  Imagine what these kids will be as adults.  I've often felt like writing to the school board, but realize I should mind my own business.  I don't want my yard trashed in retaliation, and those who openly throw their garbage on the ground would be the sort who would want to give "payback".

I had ordered an extra 30# bag of dog food just to be safe, and it came today, one week after ordered.  Delivery is usually the day after the order is placed, which shows how many people are thinking of their pets and preparing for the worst.  I sure don't want to run out of food for Rocky, although he is a little overweight!   Of course he goes ballistic when he sees the "Chewy" box and knows it is for him and him alone!

I'm so anxious to get my tomato plants into the ground - it's warm enough in the daytime but still gets down into the 40's at night.  I would hate to lose them to the cold after nurturing them for all this time.  I have my eye on April 1, but may have to do something with the taller plants before then.  I ought to get an outdoor thermometer that I can stick into the ground so I will be sure what the overnight temps are.

I hope everyone has a pleasant day.  When the sun is shining and the air is warming up, it's hard to realize the disaster that is going on all around us.  I wish we had decent leadership to get us through this, and there are some good leaders scattered across the country, but I'm afraid the worst is yet to come.  Most of us could see this coming, which is a bitter pill to swallow.  


  1. I guess tomorrow I will get out and pull some weeds there are a few very tall ones out there. My daughter said she would pick up the spray for me but I hate to have her drive so far and have to just drop it off and leave again. Maybe if I finish cleaning up the porch we could at least sit out there for a bit.
    Sounds like you and Rocky had a nice walk today.

    1. We did. I just let him stop and sniff whenever and wherever he felt like it. Usually I like to keep moving.

      I'm so frustrated because I need to get topsoil for my garden so I can start planting by April 1. It is difficult to arrange it online as the store I would like to buy from has a terrible website that doesn't work, so I will have to call them and place my order by phone. I've been pulling weed in the garden, but can only stoop over for so long and then have to quit for a while. It's slow going but I'll get there.

  2. Here they throw trash up and down the street along the fence line and the worst part is that it is not kids but adults. Every Wednesday I have to go pick it up but I skipped this week as I did not want to come in contact with anyone.

    How is the mandatory shelter in place in California going? Are people staying at home? Are your kids working from home?

    I too feel the worst is yet to come as the pandemic takes hold of the entire country and to think if we had good leadership this could have been not avoided but at least we could have been more prepared to confront it.

    Governor Cuomo looked more Presidential giving his daily briefing than the sorry excuse that we have currently sitting at the White House. Where is Joe, where is Bernie? Democrats better get on the ball or they are going to lose another election.

    1. When I walk Rocky in the afternoons there are people everywhere - riding bikes, walking, etc.

      I like Cuomo and feel that he has the experience to lead the country, but I guess we are going to be stuck with Biden. That is the choice of the Dem party leaders and will be forced on us. I think Biden is a good guy, but like me, he sometimes forgets what he wants to say - it's just what happens to many people as they get older. Remarkably, Bernie never showed signs of it that I could see.

      Hang in there, the worst is yet to come!