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Monday, March 16, 2020

The rain goes on

I think this will be the last day of mostly rain and it will taper off during the coming week.  But we will get more the week after that.  I want to get out and pull weeds out of my garden and get it ready for tomato plants.  I hope I can hold myself back from trying to plant them as it will probably be best to wait until April.

It sure is no fun being all alone and kept indoors by the rain.  Rocky isn't used to not seeing people, and is really starting to aggravate me.  Jeannie came by last night with two bottles of wine she bought for me, and we sat for a while and enjoyed the visit, although she insisted on wearing a mask.  Rocky was overjoyed to see someone besides me, but misses the kids I'm sure.

Speaking of the kids, I'm thinking of having Autumn and Arianna over soon to give me some help.  I'll be glad to pay them for washing windows, mopping the floors, etc., and maybe with some help, I'll be energized to take everything out of the fridge and clean it from top to bottom.   Rocky will be the "wild card" though - he will take it for granted that they are here to play with him!  This is going to be a long, long isolation, and I'd be very interested if readers share how they are going to cope.  I'm especially interested in those of you who live alone.  If I was cooped up with any one of my ex-husbands for several days one of us would be brought up on charges!  Rocky is much easier to get along with, and responds to the word "treat" immediately and perfectly!

I'm also considering getting a treadmill to place in my home.  It's much better to walk outdoors, but I would be more likely to walk regularly on a treadmill.

Well, hang in there, and I hope I get lots of comments, ideas, suggestions, etc.  We are all going to be in this situation for a while, it seems.


  1. Sometimes I think being alone would be easier. Jim is high risk and keeping him isolated without him going nuts is not going to be fun. I love to read and watch tv so I'm good. Skitz is old and sleeps most of the time so she's no problem. Wish I had some suggestions for you. I love my audio books that I check out on line from my library.

    1. I've had a lot of people recommend audio books, but I find my mind wanders as soon as I start to listen. I do much better reading.

      I don't think this is an easy time, for singles or couples, or families. We're having a lot of rain which makes things seem more dismal, and Rocky doesn't want to go out in the yard unless absolutely necessary. I guess we will get through this if we seniors can stay away from others as much as possible. Difficult though - it's lonely enough when you get older.

  2. I'm alone but love to stay home so it's been no problem. I do go out in back yard and sit for hours...so peaceful sitting out. While doing that dogs love to play and run around and chase one another...so funny to watch them. I have a bird nest in one of the trees out and it survived the storm we had last week but another storm predicted come Tuesday for three days. I've plenty to do at home. Yesterday, I scrubbed my bathroom top to bottom and had my son change out the toilet seat for a new one. Next time he'll strip out the old caulking around tubs, sink, toilet and put down new caulking. So I'm happy about that. Son is also helping with interior painting although painting has stalled due to rain. I managed to pull all the weeds out last month in front and back yard and son mowed both front and back but needs it again. I planted some cacti in backyard in planters so they don't spread and thinking about planting sunflower and hollyhocks soon. My lavender which I thought was dead sprouted in flower beds last month and doing well. I see hummingbirds at the blossoms as well as the aloe vera blossoms. I bought material last year to sew new covers for my throw pillows so I had that project to do as well and change out the curtains in the dining room. Even though I have a small house, it takes me a while to clean it thoroughly. I do a section at a time and round and round I go. I told my family to stay home and not visit with virus in full bloom. I worry about them as much as they worry about me. I also tell them no hand shake or hugs...just elbow bumps at greeting and goodbyes if I see them at all.

    Since retirement, I've been shopping on 10% elderly discount day at my local grocery store. So I shop and stock up once a month since retirement. I also do bulk shopping once a month at Costco for dog treats, and other things as I run out. So, I'm use to not shopping but once a month. I even make bread and biscuits to make store bought bread last the month. It helps that I have a large freezer space so I freeze milk and bread from Costco. The only think I run out to get is fresh veggies and fruit a couple of times a month...but now I'll have it delivered.

    My son has built me a library of movies, documentary so when I feel like it I can sit down and watch those or watch movies, news, and things like that on cable TV. I usually don't watch that much TV due to other things that I need to do as priority. I do miss going to the library to look at the new issue of my favorite magazines...so many of them. I use to check them out and read, photograph articles or recipes. I copy fashion styles and sew me a dress, pants, blouse or skirt. I love picking out fabric but now I can't go out and shop like I use to. I'm 75 years old and the virus is not kind to elderly.

    I hope I gave you some ideas of what I'm doing so you don't feel so isolated, bored, and unhappy. You have to be happy with yourself to be truly happy...I think. Stay safe and take care.

    1. Thanks so much for your ideas. I don't need to shop, thankfully, as I've been somewhat of a prepper all my life. I don't hoard, but I try to keep extra necessities on hand.

      I'm having a difficult time getting the frame of mind to clean the house. I think two of my young granddaughters may come over one of these days and I'll make it worth their while to help me out! My youngest son emailed and said he would visit me one of these afternoons, and I can't tell any of my family to not come over, but it defeats the purpose of my isolation. If the rain quits one of these days I'll at least try to walk the dog for a few blocks and it will be good for both of us. Take care, and stay safe.

  3. Living out in the country I normally drive into town once or twice a week as I also have to pick up the mail from the P.O. Box. On those occasions, I take the opportunity to stop at the grocery store either to stock-up or pick up prescriptions.

    I have not committed to self-isolate 100 percent but perhaps that decision will be made for me as so many cities are implementing curfews or mandatory shelter in place. Just like San Francisco did today.

    1. I think I have what I need for a while so I'm planning to stay in my house. It's boring and lonely, but I hope it works. Rocky is taking it harder than I am.

  4. I am only two days in being at home and am hardly ever bored anyway, but today between news bulletins, I cut out some tablecloths to sew, did some word puzzles & went for a walk
    I read that you can take virtual tours through the museums and also some National Parks, I will give a try one day soon...I have a couple of You Tubes Channels I subscribe to. You might try RV Deb is a widow whos plans of towing her trailer didn't work out so she lives in it on her friends property....she has several live chats. I don't bother with the live chats but I do watch her videos. She was quite lonely and her channel has helped a lot with that....As she can chat with her followers during the live vids. Keep Your Daydream is my other favourite channel. Another thing that I haven't had enough time for yet is listening to all thepodcasts I want to hear. I think you could get them on your lap top. My daughter is a fan of Michael Moores podcasts, I've listened to some. I like to read also. Did you give up your painting hobby? There is a web site for downloading word puzzles if you have a printer to print them. I used to print kids version of word searches to do with my mom at the long term care home. Do you have a few games on your computer?
    I'm not alone my husband is here & we have one daughter who lives next door in my moms half of the place & another daughter who is so concerned for us at this time that she is either phoning or texting me constantly.
    (Just had to interrupt my typing ( another text from the daughter who lives two hrs away)
    She wanted to show that stores are opening one hour early to let seniors shop before the general public. I like that idea....I avoid crowds at the best of times, but I do need one more trip to our small town. Well the news is just coming on so Stay safe everyone in these frightening times.

  5. I'm afraid I'm going to get extremely lazy before this is over. I am still in my pj's at almost 8:00 pm!

  6. Well I guess it's time for me to stay put. When I read they closed the school when a teacher came up positive that was it for me. To many irresponscible parents out there who would take kids to the stores and let them run wild when you don't even know if they have been inffected.
    I canceled my dental apt for today, they were very good about it.

    I have been doing lots of cooking as I had to get my fresh veggies done so they wouldn't go bad. Forced myself to start cleaning and packing more of the things I don't need or use.

    I don't have a problem with being alone since I have spent so many years by myself. I really need to try and fix my sewing machine as I have a couple projects I'd like to get done. Plus I like to read and watch some TV but not much since there really isn't anything to watch. I love YouTube and find lots of things to watch. I have some favorites.

    We are expecting more rain also. I haven't gotten around to cleaning up the porch yet as other things have kept me busy.

    Hang in there

    1. I wish I had your energy. I haven't done much of anything today, but I'll have to get busy tomorrow.