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Thursday, March 26, 2020


I just watched on YouTube, a rerun of the greatest horse race in all history.  I am talking about the Belmont in which Secretariat won the Triple Crown!

I saw it on TV when it happened, and I can tell you there was great happiness, celebration, and drinking in all the country after that race.   It was fun to be there, and I relived it again today, making me forget for a few minutes the awful state the country is in right now.

The sun can't make up its mind whether or not to come out today - and I can't decide if I should go outside and try to pull some more weeds from the garden.   All the rain we've had this year has made for an abundant crop!

I have been taking Rocky for a walk twice a day which really helps him get rid of some energy.  I read this morning that everyone should stay indoors as the virus can remain in the air for something like 3 hours.  That sort of gives me pause - I thought because I walked when there was nobody else around, that we would be safe.  Now I don't know.

I made up my mind when this whole thing started that I was going to survive it - mostly by quarantining myself and being very careful.  So now do I need to worry because I have stepped outside the boundaries of my dwelling to walk the dog?  I almost give up on everything and wonder if we are all doomed, except I'm NOT going to give that Lt. Governor in the state of Texas the satisfaction of watching me die for the sake of the economy!  I have never, ever heard anything so outrageous, and I'm calling on all my readers who are "of a certain age" to join me in surviving, just to piss that guy off!

Maybe I should just go watch the Belmont Race of 1973 rerun again, and hope I forget about all the total jerks in this country.


  1. I'm not giving up and they can all go to hell. These money hungry jerks could care less about the people.

    1. Well said!!! We can't give up yet because we have lessons to teach the younger ones. Plus, it isn't up to a sleazy politician to decide an older person's fate. Seniors unite!

  2. He absolutely did, but there are no doubt lots of people who agree with him. We can only imagine karma teaching them a lesson.

  3. Well I would love to see his hopes dashed!

  4. I remember that race well. Not very often does a horse like that come along and I remember one race (maybe that one) where in the final quarter the horse turned its head to see if any other horse was closing and saw it did and put on a burst of speed to beat its opponent. Some horses are born and have the desire to win races and it brings tears to my eyes to see a truly competitive and spirited horse like that. Those horses carry a jockey as additional weight because the desire to win doesn't need the prompting of a jockey.
    I hope all us seniors survive the virus just to show the younger generation how really tough we can be. Don't know what the Lt. Gov. of Texas said but in my opinion nearly all politicians are morons who need caretakers. Very few do I trust and the rest I just don't know well enough to decide.

    1. First, I need to make a correction - I think may have been the the assistant Attorney General of TX. But you're right - darn near all of them are morons.

      Only a fool would want to get rid of the vast scope of experience that older people have, as well as the love we have for our children and grandchildren. And almost all of us have survived tough times and can be role models.

      Secretariat was a gorgeous horse, with a beautiful spirit and drive to run! By the end of that Belmont race it looked like all the other horses were running backward!