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Monday, March 30, 2020

Social distancing -

 - whether I like it or not!

This is already getting old, and I'm tired of it!  It is so difficult for Rocky and me to not even be able to take a walk through the neighborhood, but I'm not taking any chances.  Rocky is lucky, in that he spent an afternoon at Jeannie's house playing with the kids recently, and they have invited him back this afternoon.  He is taking the isolation with a lot of difficulty, I can tell.  His personality is beginning to take on a new side, and that is one of perplexity, uncertainty, and whatever you might call doggie anger.  He wants his normal puppy life back.

An animal organization in Sacramento just put out a plea for assistance for the dogs in their care.  They desperately need supplies, and I found out they have several large dogs, so I'm waiting for someone to pick up a 30# bag of dog food.  Rocky is wondering why I pushed the box into the living room, and he'll be even more perplexed when someone comes to pick it up.  I can always order another, and if there is a wait for it because of high demand, I have enough on hand to last a while.  

I went out and  checked on the tomato plants I set out yesterday, and it looks like a large four-legged creature has already been checking!  At least he didn't nibble on them.  I still have 12 plants to go and will try to get them in the ground today.  I am really looking forward to my tomato harvest which will probably overtake me, once it gets started.  I think I may have planted them too close to each other, and don't know whether to pull a few out and plant them in another spot.  I hate to disturb them as they seemed to do well overnight.  I'd like to trellis them so they would grow up rather than out, but that is way beyond my current capabilities at this time.

I am loving  my treadmill, and trying to take it easy at first.  I set it to about 3 to 3.5 mph, but only walk about 5 minutes at a time.  I'm about brain-dead trying to correlate mph-distance-etc.  I would like to keep track of my progress each day, and also want to start some other floor exercises such as sit-ups, plank, etc.  Nothing too strenuous.

I quit trying to work the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and traded it to Jeannie's family for one that is 300 pcs.  I think I recognize it as one I had given them in the past.  My eyes are too far gone for those smaller pieces of a large puzzle.

Living alone with only a dog, and having no visitors, I'll admit I am becoming extremely lazy.  My house certainly shows it, but I can't work up a sweat about it, or even a bit of embarassment!  If I live through this pandemic I swear I will clean house every day from morning to night!  (Not!)


  1. I had a small spiral note book (like you might use for lists) I threaded a bread tie to the spiral and then added a rubber band so I could slop it over the handle bar. I wrote
    time on it.
    when I finish my ride I write down next to each how many or much I have gone. Then you can clear your meter for the next time. I also write the date for each entry. Maybe this will help you out. You can use a ribbon or string to attach yours to somewhere on your treadmill.
    Made me laugh about the house cleaning LOL

    1. I did write down today's stats on the treadmill in a notebook, but hanging it on the handlebar makes a lot of sense. I never set things down in the same place twice, but if I hang it over the handlebar I will be able to find it!

  2. He got a second invite...good for Rocky!

    That was so nice of you to donate to an Animal Organization wish there were more people like you.

    I think a lot of us have become lazier since this started...though in fairness I already was plenty lazy :D

  3. Me too. All my life I have been a bundle of good nervous energy. No more.

  4. Yup, this is no fun. We are now at three weeks with no real end in sight:( I am going thru a book every two days. We talk with the family on zoom (new to us) but it works pretty well.