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Friday, March 13, 2020

Sigh of Relief!

Donald picked up Autie from school today and they stopped by on their way home - spoke with me through the screen door.  Schools in this district are closed for now, and I'm so relieved I won't need to walk up to meet her.  I wouldn't be so worried being around the kids, but there are a lot of adults who meet their kids after school, and I definitely am in the "at risk category.  Now Rocky and I are totally alone, and I can only hope we stay safe and healthy.  Poor Rocky doesn't understand - why Donald & Autumn didn't come in the house really puzzled him.  I'm completely relieved that the kids won't be in school and possibly pick up something they could take home and infect their parents, siblings, etc.

 I will busy myself with what I can, and I certainly won't worry if there is a certain amount of dust on the furniture or dishes in the sink.  Actually I rarely have dishes in the sink as they go straight into the dishwasher.

I just made myself a huge pot of chicken vegetable soup, and used a lot of veggies I have on hand.  I will continue to order from my grocery (Raley's) as long as I can, although there are several items that have been out of stock lately.  I have enough food stored to take care of me for several months, so I won't worry.  I've always kept extra food and supplies on hand - just my nature to be prepared.

 I have a couple of new 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles and plan to start on one of them soon.  I just know Rocky will manage to chew some of the pieces, but I'll have to be on alert for it.  I don't think I can move the card table through doorways or I could keep the puzzle out of reach when I'm not working on it.

I'd be interested to hear how you are handling this situation in your area, and whether or not it has gotten to the point of quarantine.  There are lots of rumors floating about which I hope are not true - such as the National Guard being called out.  I don't mind them being on short notice, but I certainly don't want to see them patrolling my neighborhood, and I don't want them coming near my house.  I am going to survive this, I can assure you.  I would be despondent without Rocky though.

Have a peaceful and safe weekend.  


  1. This week was Spring Break here and I do not do well around screaming kids. I do not know if they are going to close the schools for an additional week or two. If they go back to school I will go out and buy a couple more items or get up real early but I still have to wait until sun up as I have limited night vision.

    It is going to be a rough ride but I plan to survive this and I know you and Rocky will too.

    I know you do not want a television but have you considered buying one to watch the local news and/or for entertainment?

    1. You are right, I plan for Rocky and me to survive. As for the tv, I really don't think I would enjoy it all that much. I don't trust network news, and I never did watch it for entertainment - maybe back in the late 70's or so when I was addicted to the first year of "Dallas". My brother and one of my sisters used to come over to my house on Friday nights to watch J.R.'s latest escapades, and we would try to talk in a Texas accent. After a few beers it got hilarious!

    2. You brought back memories I had long ago forgotten. I loved watching "Dallas"on Friday nights. I would tell my friends not to count on me to show up until it was over. Would have loved to have heard you all doing a Texas accent, lol :D

      When I mentioned the TV, I meant for it to only be local channels that way you could keep up with what was going on in your area. Though since you have family near by I am sure they will keep you informed.

      I use my Smart TV a lot as I have poor vision and I can project images from my computer to it and also watch YouTube videos.

    3. I am your age Gypsy and I live in a 55+ apartment complex. Of course we are all worried about this and I decided to do the same as you. I am more or less holed up in my apartment and do not go to any of the functions where a bunch of people are gathering. The only time I go downstairs is to check my mail every other day or so.
      About 2 weeks ago when we all started hearing about this virus, I went to the store and stocked up quite a bit... so, like you, I don't have to go out anytime soon. As far as I'm concerned, you are doing the right things. We just have to use a little common sense. I do use the TV for entertainment and spend a lot of that time on YouTube because I can pick and choose what I want to watch. Good luck Gypsy.

  2. I have plenty of food on had also. It's funny how I rarely go out and now that I shouldn't I can think of a thousand things to do. Of course being out in the open where there aren't to many people is probably fine. I need to clean my porch so I can at least sit out there and read. We will all get through this.

    1. I'm the same way, and "need to go several places" as soon as possible! This whole thing is such a bummer.