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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Walk, walk, walk!

I saw the cardiologist yesterday, and she doesn't need to see me again until next year.  That makes me so happy, because I hate these quarterly and bi-annual visits that don't amount to a hill of beans!  She did stress that I need to walk.  I told her I walk my dog but sometimes get so aggravated with him I turn around and come back home.  Her answer was that I should bring the dog back home and then do my walk!  I walked with Rocky for a little over a mile this morning, and will try to do another mile later in the day.  Tomorrow I'm going to take him to the vet which is close to a mile and a half, and then the return trip will give me 3 miles for the day.  I bet he will sleep for the rest of the day!  Who knows, I might do the same :-)
I need to get busy and do some cooking.  I have lots of fresh produce that I have plans for and sure don't want good food to go to waste, although it's really hard for me to get my act together.

I'll be back soon.



  1. Sounds like you will be able to get in some good walking in the coming days. I do not know if you have to cross some busy streets to go to the vet...so please be careful.

    I have been reading up on the benefits of walking and I hope to renew my routine but when it gets warmer in the mornings.

  2. I don't have to cross any major streets so I should be ok. My legs are a little achy from this morning's walk, so I don't know how far we will go this afternoon. For comparison, one of my longest days on the Appalachian Trail back in 1997 was about 21 miles. Many hiker do that and more these days as their packs are lighter than mine was. I enjoyed the 10 to 12 mile days (and so did my dog, Smoky).

  3. Good news for you Dr. today that is wonderful. Do you stretch your legs before you go walking? Might help and not give you a problem with cramping legs. I miss walking and I hope this Dr. I will be seeing next week can figure out something

    1. As I usually don;t walk very much these days I completely forgot about stretching before walking. Thanks for reminding me - I will definitely do it tomorrow before waking to the vet. I think I will really enjoy walking once I get back into it and convince Rocky to go easy on me. I got a new prong collar which I used today and it works very well. He doesn't pull, and it wouldn't hurt him anyway since the prongs are all so large and rounded. I just wish he would get to the point where he settles down and enjoys a leisurely walk, but that's the difference between a young pup and an old lady, lol.