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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

New Baby

Jeannie drove me to my appointment with the cardiologist this morning, and then to the hospital where we visited with Erica, Joe, and their new son who they named Joren.  The baby is so beautiful and reminds me very much of Joe when he was born.  Joe was a redhead though, and while Joren sure has a lot of hair I didn't see red tints in it.  He was wrapped up and sleeping throughout our entire visit.  He had been circumcised this morning so was probably still sedated.  They were leaving the hospital to go home early in the afternoon, which is pretty good for a C-section after just 2 days.   Erica certainly looks great, especially considering the surgery just 2 days ago!

The cardiologist told me I only need to come back in a year, so I've made an appointment for early Feb. 2021!  She told me I need to walk every day, and I think she means a mile or more to begin with.  So I've made up my mind that I will walk Rocky up to the nearest shopping area, about a mile and a third (one way), and get his nails clipped at the vet.  (That will be slightly over 2-1/2 miles).  I hope I can do it tomorrow morning, and will call the vet 1st thing to see if they can get him in.  I also think I am going to buy a 2-wheeled cart - like the ones the women used to roll to the grocery store back in the old days.  I remember my mother walking everywhere with that cart, but can't remember if she pushed it or pulled it behind her.  It will be good for Rocky and for me to get more exercise.  When I lived in the mobile home park, we often walked way more than a mile a day, especially considering I took him for a long stroll at least twice a day, usually more than that.  I think I will feel better and the cart will give me some stability.  I now use my hiking stick when I walk him, but it's difficult to manage the leash and the stick.  I'm sure I will feel more stable pushing the cart.

I was up early and didn't get a nap this afternoon, so I hope to get to sleep early tonight. 

Pleasant dreams.


  1. If you have stairs to navigate with your trolley, I would suggest you get one with the three-pronged back wheels. Big difference in how they deal with stairs.

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Congratulations on the new grandson as well as to the proud parents!

    Glad everything went well. Wow, going home after two days is incredible. My girlfriends who underwent a C-section stayed up to a week. Probably has something to do with new insurance rules.