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Friday, January 3, 2020

Not the Best Start

It certainly isn't a great start to the new year, being on the brink of war. I've just written to my congressman and hope there are huge numbers out there who do the same, demanding that we not be drawn into any war with any country.

Things were going along pretty well this morning when my dishwasher decided to not drain the water out.  Fortunately it was on the last rinse and the dishes were clean.

As much as I didn't want a Christmas tree this year, I am reluctant to take it down.  It has given me a lot of pleasure, especially with the lights lit and a log burning in the fireplace every evening.  It has held up amazingly well and even now, the needles feel soft to the touch.  I need to find a box that will hold all the decorations, lights, wreath, etc.

A couple months ago I ordered two jigsaw puzzles of 1000 pcs. each, for my enjoyment.  I think I will start one of them as soon as I take down the Christmas decorations, but worry that Rocky can reach puzzle pieces on the card table.  A week or so ago I had a very large piece of cardboard that would have held the puzzle in place as I worked on it, and could be slid under a bed to keep it safe from certain paws.  I think I put the cardboard out with the recycling and am kicking myself now for not saving it.  I suppose I could move the table and puzzle into the spare bedroom and then just keep the door closed when I'm not working on it.

Since it hasn't rained in several days, I have no excuse to not do some grass trimming and leaf blowing in the back yard.  It is such an overwhelming job I just haven't been able to face it.  I also should try to clean up the garden beds before long.  I'm trying to decide what would be the best way to start tomato seeds indoors.  I've ordered about 5 different varieties of tomatoes; none of my windows receives direct sunlight so I really need some grow lights but they are more expensive than I'd like.  If anyone has suggestions, I'm open to them.  I was thinking I could set seed trays on the back deck and then move them indoors at night, although that sounds like a lot of work.  It might be the best idea, although I don't know how Mr. Nosy would react to trays of seedlings on his deck.

Speaking of Mr. Nosy, I am totally amazed at how much control over my life and actions this animal has taken upon himself.   He turned 19 months old at the end of December, and I'm really hoping 24 months will be the magic time he will show some maturity.   But in the meantime I'm constantly laughing at his antics.  At the same time I worry about the separation anxiety he shows, and hope that somehow works out.

I'm waiting on someone to come and look at the dishwasher, and have used that as an excuse to not do much else.  I guess I should get busy.  Hope you all enjoy the weekend.


  1. The first sentence of your blog today is exactly my fear...being on the brink of war! Writing to my congressman, senator or other politicians will do nothing as they are Republicans with no backbone who serve as a rubber stamp for this administration.

    Sorry to hear about your dishwasher but at least you got someone to come fix it. Have you considered hiring a yardman? Just make sure they have a good work ethic and are not drunks like Pollito and his sidekick.

    I hope 24 months is the magic number for Rocky.

    1. I hope you write your Congressman anyway, if only to piss him off! I understand that if you mail a letter to a congressperson or senator, they have to read it. I guess they don't have to read the emails. I might be wrong about that, but I'm going to start sending mail via the post office when I write to them.

      My landlady will have to have someone come to fix it, but in my experience there is no good help in this area. Probably she just doesn't know who the good ones are.

      I've thought about hiring someone to help with the yard, and I will eventually have to. But I sure hate to spend the money on this huge yard!

  2. Today after lunch out with my daughter all the Christmas decor was put away. I said look how boring the house looks we laughed but as I brought out some of things I had put away for room it brightened up a bit.

    They sell little green houses very cheap on Carol Wright ? or maybe Home Depot maybe Rocky won't bother with it on the deck or even in your fenced garden area.

    My dish washer did the same thing but it was only the wash cycle and it was only 2 1/2yrs old.My handy man said it surely wasn't clogged because it was so clean if its the pump it isn't expensive but if it is a board then a new one would be the better choice. So I wash dishes by hand now and I am not very happy. Hope yours is an easy fix

    1. Thanks for the tip about Carol Wright. I will look it up.

      I don't know how old my dishwasher is, but the last rinse would never drain out. My landlady will have to take care of get it fixed or buy a new one. The problem with washing them by hand is that they sit on the countertop until I start looking for a plate or some silverware! But I always empty the dishwasher as soon as the dry cycle has finished.