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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Delivery Problems

I have been having delivery problems the whole month of January,  but especially in the last week.  Things I'm expecting in the mail aren't arriving, and in fact, days go by with nothing at all in my mailbox.  I put an outgoing piece of mail in the box earlier this week and even saw the mail truck pass by without taking the mail - the flag was up so he had to see it.  The same applies to Fed Ex deliveries - I'm informed that I should be receiving a package on a certain date, and days go by without it arriving.  Maybe something in the stars is botching things up this month.  I've been waiting for several days for a printer I ordered, and I've been assured it will come today.  Yesterday the company had the nerve to ask me to rate the product, ordering process, delivery, etc.  You can bet I gave them an earful!

I had a quick visit with the dentist this morning who agreed that all is well after the extraction of the molar.  I'm set up to have some small cavities removed, which I dread and which will take longer than the simple extraction.  I'm still waiting on my ID card for the new dental insurance coverage.

I'll end with something on a "lighter" note today.  This morning I must have poured water into the coffee maker before I went to the dentist.  When I returned I was eager to have my coffee; I poured the usual amount of water into the coffee maker, and then ground the usual amount of coffee beans.  As it was dripping I could see what I had done and that the coffee was going to be half strength which is pretty weak.  After the drip process was complete, I poured a cup of coffee through the grounds again, which seemed to make no difference.  It was fairly weak but tolerable.  I normally make myself 3 standard size mugs of coffee but today I ended up with 6.   I'm looking forward to my regular brew tomorrow morning!

 Have a good day out there.  The sun is shining so far this morning, and I would love to see 2 or 3 straight days of sunny weather.  May your days be sunny and bright!  (Oh wait, isn't that part of a Christmas song?)


  1. You would think now that the holidays are over deliveries would be on time. Maybe the guy was right and there was a mail strike. But with all this politcal stuff going on no other news is important. Hope your deliveries catch up soon

    1. Thanks, Jo. The printer finally came this afternoon but I'm going to wait until Donald can set it up for me and show me how to use it. It is wireless and I don't have a clue. It has print, scan, fax, and copy functions.

      I still haven't received my dental ins. ID card, which was supposed to reach me by Jan. 16th. So aggravating.

  2. How odd I too have been having problem but with entities receiving my payments when with the exception of my HOA payment were mailed the same day from the same post office.

    I am also waiting for a delivery from Argentina it is going on three weeks and I have yet to receive it.

    Glad you are getting your dental work out of the way.

  3. I wasn't kidding about the stars. I recently read something regarding mid January being astrologically crazy, and it certainly has been for me. Nothing seems to be right.

    My printer arrived late yesterday, only 4 days after the promised delivery date. And I'm still waiting on my dental insurance card which was supposed to be here no later than Jan. 16!