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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Lazy Tuesday

I'm hanging around doing anything I can to avoid calling the dentist and making an appointment!  I wasn't this bad about it when I was younger.  The molar I need to have pulled mostly bothers me at night, and I often have to take 2 Advil to be able to sleep.  I normally avoid Advil or any other medication like the plague as I invariably get side effects.  The only prescription med I use at age 79 is prescription eye drops!    I hope to keep it that way.

I took Rocky for a walk just a while ago and it turned out to be pretty good.  I took a hefty size baggie of treats with me.  Normally he pulls on the leash to go faster than I am comfortable with, and he likes to sniff the flowers along the way.  Today I tried to entice him to walk right and had all those treats as a bribe.  He will do mostly anything for a treat as I've mentioned.  It worked pretty well and we walked a lot longer than usual - I get so fed up with him that I get angry and turn around much sooner.  He wants to be a good dog, but I haven't been consistent enough, and of course he takes advantage when he can.

We are getting a break in the rain today and I need to use the weed eater to trim back some ugly patches of crabgrass and weeds.  The rain makes everything grow so fast, and I'm trying to not complain because we won't have much, if any, rain after March.  Nothing seems to have produced results in my fall garden.  I have several pea plants that keep growing and have flowers, but haven't seen anything that looks like a pea pod.  I give up and plan to stick to things I can grow easily - tomatoes, for one.  I have several varieties I'm ready to start from seed indoors within the next week or two.  I'll also grow squash again, but will try to not plant more than I can eat.  You may remember that last year I ate squash every single day throughout the entire growing season.  That is because I don't like it after it's been frozen, and prefer it raw or just lightly sauteed.  I often grated it and mixed it with scrambled eggs.  I have about 6 varieties of tomatoes I'm going to try, and will ask Donald to make tomato sauce with some of them.  I prefer the cherry tomatoes as well as the Roma's as they seem less acidic.

My landlady is having a new dishwasher installed this coming Monday, as the old one is just about done for.  I just hope she doesn't get something too fancy with extra options.  I just want it to wash and dry.  I'm still irritated with the kitchen faucet she had installed, with the 
on/off handle moving forward and backward, instead of left (for hot) and right (for cold).  My daughter has no problem with it but I cuss it every time I want hot water.  Normally I just leave the handle right in the middle so I don't have to figure it out.  The person who came up with the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" really had me in mind.  I was so intuitive and open to new things when I was younger, but I hit a big bump in the road of life when I said, "I'm done!  Just give the same old thing I've used all my life."  I should have to deal with serious problems, right? 

I have a lot of chores to do around the house, but I keep thinking about the jigsaw puzzles waiting for me.  It would be really bad of me to fritter my time away on something fun, rather than doing something in the way of housework.  My halo is getting tarnished and the horns are still very little but growing all the time!


  1. Good walk with Rocky today.

    I have been busy around here since my grandson painted my guest bathroom but I do a lot of sitting in between. LOL

    1. Jo, you don't know how relieved I am to hear that you do a lot of sitting. You are always so busy and get so many things done that I feel inadequate at times. I realize I'm probably several years older than you are so that's my excuse, but I still wish I could do half as much as you do.

  2. I can understand not wanting to see the dentist, I have been doing the same but all I need is a mouth guard. If I was in pain like you I might have to bite the bullet.

    Funny, I also apply that saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" to myself. You did good last year with your tomato and squash crop. There is no way I could do that...just too lazy and after that problem I had with the possum and raccoon and learning they are attracted to gardens...no thank you!

    1. I was fortunate last year to not have any predators in my garden (unless I count Rocky stepping inside now and then). I planted a row of marigolds which were not only pretty, but they keep away a lot of pests who don't like their aroma. I'd like to start seeds indoors right now, but no window gets good sunlight, and grow lights are expensive! Always something1

  3. I put off dealing with my molars and in the end had to have them out on a semi emergency basis ( crazy amount of pain). If I had it to do over I would have had it done when they first told me I needed it. I would have been a lot better off...for what it is worth:)