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Saturday, January 18, 2020

All Better Now

Thanks to the magic of newer pain killing drugs for dental work, plus a dentist who is an absolute artist at administering the pain killers, I only had an uncomfortable day yesterday.  I'm being very careful when eating, as the extraction site is still tender.  I am going to have some fillings during the next month or two, and I dread that but can't escape it.

The cold weather really bothers me this year.  I think it's because I notice it more as I get older.  But I sure would rather have the cold than our summer heat in Sacramento.  Those of you in the northern states would probably love our 48 degree evenings.

I don't have much to write or comment on since I've been taking it fairly easy after my dental visit.  The dentist called me this morning to see how I was doing, which I remember him doing in the past.  I really appreciate that he asks how I am feeling, and he is an excellent dentist to make it even better. 

I hope to go to bed a little earlier this evening, although I get to watching youtube videos and forget all about the time.  Stay warm folks, and I'll be back soon.


  1. Happy you are on the mend.
    I'm like you always think I will go to be early then get on YouTube and forget to check the time.
    Sleep well

    1. Since I don't have a TV, I watch a lot of Youtube, for news, entertainment, and other types of info.

  2. I would say that you have a gem of a dentist. You are the only person I know that has had a dentist personally call to see how their patient is doing.

    Glad your discomfort is a thing of the past.

    1. Thank you, Ms. B. And this dentist calls every single time, for an extraction and even for a filling. He has the latest equipment, and administers novocaine very slowly, and then gives it time to work. So there is very little to no pain during any procedure. He always calls after any major procedure, and I'm sure he does that for all his patients. All his office staff are excellent also.