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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

If I Ever Wanted a Roomba.....

I just re-read a post from the late blogger, Rod Ivers.  This post has me in stitches, and I can only imagine how he felt, as well as poor Biscuit's shame.  I'm still laughing about Rod's account of the Roomba incident - 


I am at my wit's end with trying to walk Rocky.  After watching numerous youtube videos on the subject, I decided to try the prong collar again.  I have one but cannot find it anywhere, so I ordered a new one and hope it comes today.  He seems to be gaining weight, which is no doubt due to a lack of exercise and too many treats.  I try to walk him but am so frustrated and angry by the time we've gone less than a block, I just turn around and come back home.  When he pulls constantly on the leash I can feel it in my back and hips, leg, and arm.  I'm stressing muscles to hold him back, and no amount of verbal correction seems to change his behavior.  He returns to a good and normal walk when we are almost back to our driveway.  And then the little scamp has the nerve to think I should give him a treat!  By the way, I have a collar that has a vibration feature, but that doesn't seem to affect him.  I don't use the shock option although I've sure been tempted.

I have agreed with a gardener who came to visit me yesterday, to have him come and cut the grass twice a month, beginning the 15th of Feb. plus the end of Feb.  If I'm happy with the service I will continue twice a month.  This yard is just too much for me and it will be nice to have it looking better than it is now.  My landlady pays for the water, so I need to confirm with her if she wants me to water throughout the summer.  Now I will have to go out and pick up all the balls and dog toys, and all the apples that drop from the tree in the back corner of the yard.  The apples don't taste very good, so last summer I picked up bags of them and put them in green waste.  The trees desperately need to be trimmed, but it's not my call.  It's a shame because there is another fruit tree on the opposite corner, but I don't have a clue what the fruit is called.  Also a blackberry vine that is so deadly with all its thorns, I just cut it into small pieces and throw it in the green waste.   Maybe for a little extra now and then I could get the gardener to prune the fruit trees, although the apple tree is probably too overgrown to deal with.  In these days of higher food prices, it's a shame to have fruit trees that don't produce anything edible.  I would love to make some apple pies, and maybe even a blackberry pie one of these days. 

After a bit of rain the sun is out, and it's time for me to go meet my granddaughter .


  1. Congratulations! A new granddaughter, how wonderful...I would have loved some grandchildren, but non of my three became parents.
    I worked in a pet store for some time, we sold Halti collars that helped deter pulling. It goes on the dogs nose. It is best to start slowly at first, just leave it for short periods of time at first.
    They do work. When I took my shepherd to a dog trainer he showed me a trick to prevent pulling, by putting the leash down between the front legs. He said the dog won't pull when it's like that. I never tried it though. I had a customer who pratically ran by the store every day her dog was pulling so much....she was going to end up being hurt. The halti really taught that dog not to pull.

    1. I am going to try to prong collar again tomorrow. I will also try the leash between his front legs.

    2. I was referring to meeting my granddaughter, Ara, after school. Her school is about a block away so I meet her and walk her back to my place; then her dad picks up her younger sister Arianna, at her school, and they come back to my place. I get to visit all three of them and it makes my day.

  2. I hope the gardner works out for you, sounds like you have a big yard good for Rocky not so much for you. Maybe the fruit trees need food?

    1. Yes, the fruit trees desperately need pruning and food. I sure can't do it and I can't pay to have it done.

  3. If you want Rocky to walk well on a leash you will need to exercise him first to work off some of his energy. If you don't he will be too excited to walk without pulling ahead. You have a yard so get a ball and throw it for him as many times as it takes to work off some of his energy - and yes sometimes it takes a lot of throwing and fetching - and then take him for a walk. Using choke chains and prong collars or even Halti's isn't going to help much when he is too excited and full of energy to obey you.

  4. I can not offer any tips on walking Rocky but I want to thank you for referring us to that Roomba story. I laughed and laughed even though having to clean up all that mess was not funny but still very funny. I applaud the company that made it for giving him a new one.

    I never knew the late Rod Ivers but I have been hearing his name a lot lately.

    I am glad you decided to hire a yardman...Yes, they are expensive but my Houston one is so worth it. Wish I could find one as reliable and trustworthy as him in Del Rio.