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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I'm not sleep deprived!

Although I certainly feel sleep deprived!  I crawled into bed at 6 pm last night, and got up for about half an hour around 10, then back to bed until 8 this morning.  I still feel drowsy.

This cold is getting worse than I could have imagined, and if only I could cough or sneeze without pain in my ribs.  

I had to go to Costco this morning to get a refill on my Rx eyedrops, and fortunately it wasn't crowded at all.  I should have filled up the gas tank but just couldn't even consider standing there at the pump.  I bought a bag of Clementine tangerines for the Vit. C, and hope they help.  I usually share a bag of tangerines with my granddaughters as they can't seem to get enough of them, but I'm keeping this bag for myself.

I can't decide whether to nap in the chair, sofa, or bed, but I think I'll be most comfortable if I crawl back in bed.  I don't think I'll post again for a few days until something interesting happens in my life.  (Yeah right.)


  1. Actually I think green peppers have more vitamin C per 100 gr. than citrus fruit. Lots of other foods to eat for Vitamin C as well. Hopefully you'll kick that cold soon. Get well quickly. Spring is coming and I am sure you have lots of plans for it!

  2. Oh no, a cold with sore ribs. That sounds terrible. I'd say if your body wants to be back in bed and sleep sleep sleep, then that's what you should do.

  3. But. But.. But. Keeping up with you makes MY life less boring! I do hope you get to feeling better. Those tangerines are good. A bonus that they are good for you, too.

    I know your ribs must hurt. Years ago we were hiking in one of those wonderful MN parks. Later we found out that we had missed the actual trailhead and were on the wrong path. But that day, the trail got more & more treacherous. My husband & a fellow hiker we'd just met decided to go ahead and check to see if they thought us women could make the trail. The men came back with news that we should go no further. Well! The next day we encountered the couple somewhere else. Come to find out, my Old Man had taken a bad fall the day before. Landed flat on a rock , had not told me. He suffered for months with pain. Never went to a doc about it. A couple of years later x-rays showed two healed broken ribs!! I wonder what shape yours are in?

    See. Comments to your post can get you some entertainment!

  4. You would think that our age we would have been exposed to and thus immune to most all the flu and colds, etc., but I guess the viruses and germs keep mutating so that they can still attack us unimpeded. Get lots of rest and drink lots of liquids and get better soon. Just don't send it to me. . .

  5. Hope You feel better soon. I sure know what coughing feels like with rib injuries.
    And yes I am finally hooked back up to the internet