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Friday, January 8, 2016

After the fall

I'm still able to move although I'm trying not to.  I've used a heat pad several times but don't know that it helps all that much.  The evening I fell I used an ice pack but I didn't really notice an improvement, plus I don't see any swelling anywhere.  I think I'll be sore for a while, but starting tomorrow I'm going to go back to my regular life!

I want to thank all those who wrote comments - I appreciate your kind thoughts.  Looking back to my accident, I felt myself going down and was soon flat on my stomach, moving with the belt away from the machine and onto the floor.  It's a few inches from the belt to the floor, and I felt every impact as I hit - my knees, chest, shoulder, etc.  Somehow I rolled onto my back and tried to get air into my lungs.  That was the scariest part - difficulty in catching my breath.  

I feel so stupid because all I would have had to do is hit "Pause" and the machine stops until you hit "Start" again.  But I quickly remove my pullover every day that I walk, and don't pause the machine.  I'm sure it's because I'm better early in the day than I am in the evening.  Well, so much for that - I'm on the mend.

If I thought I could tolerate something like aspirin or NSAIDs I would probably try one, but experience with my sciatica and Aleve - thinking I was having a heart attack - will say "No" to painkillers.  I didn't realize what could be causing it at the time, but before I got rid of all OTCs and meds, I was having frequent episodes of thinking I might be experiencing what it's like to die.  Heart feeling like it stopped with a thud,  slight dizziness, etc.  It all came back with the Aleve, and I'm not going down that road again.

I have an orientation class for new library volunteers this afternoon.  I can't imagine what they will tell me that I don't already know, but I guess that is an  arrogant way to look at it.  I'll surely enjoy and benefit from the session.

It is good to see the sun today and to know the next few days will be sunny with maybe a shower or two now and then.  

I've decided to watch as little TV as I can from now on - the same old crap is on every news channel, 24/7, and I'm totally sick of it.  I'm also of the opinion that you can't believe a word you hear - there may be some small truth now and then, but most of it is lies.  Yesterday I found a YouTube video of "Mozart for Babies" (gentle classical music), and set the computer on my bed, crawled under the comforter, and relaxed almost to the point of sleep (maybe I drowsed off now and then).  Sure puts me in a better frame of mind than anything on TV! 

If I'm going to make it to my meeting in 4 hours, I'd better get out of this chair and moving!  Have a great weekend.


  1. Hope you heel quickly. Im sure you must have hit hard enough.
    Have great weekend

  2. Hope you heel quickly. Im sure you must have hit hard enough.
    Have great weekend

  3. Got a thunder storm through here tonight. Did you send it to me?