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Monday, January 25, 2016

Better Days

Better days are here so the east can begin digging out from the blizzard, and we have about 5 sunny days to look forward to.  I need to get out one of these nice days and start pulling weeds, although more rain will just bring more of them on.

I think I watched CNN for 2 days straight during the blizzard.  They had great coverage of the eastern areas hit by the storm, and not one mention of anything political.  I turned on the TV yesterday and the first words I heard were "Donald Trump" so I guess the networks are back to the "same old, same old."  I hit the OFF button in a hurry, and for the most part it's stayed off.  Why we need something like 10 stations carrying the same tired chatter over over for 24/7, is something I don't understand, and it will be this way for the next 9 or 10 months, I'm afraid.

Fortunately I have two books I just purchased so I've spent my time reading, as well as on the computer.  YouTube has some good channels and videos, but most of it is junk, to me at least.  There are a lot of voices predicting gloom and doom, especially in the world political and economic arenas, and I just won't watch that stuff anymore.  It can really be depressing if you let it. 

I stayed indoors all day yesterday because of the rain, so today I'm itching to get out and about.  I thought about going to the gym and using the treadmill, but so far I haven't even gotten dressed and it will soon be time for lunch.  I need to do a load of laundry but the Closed sign is still on the doors of the laundry room across the street, and I wonder just how long it will stay closed, and for what reason.  UPDATE:  I called the office and was told that someone stole all the keys to the machines in the laundry room.  It will take at least a couple of weeks according to the person I spoke to, to get new keys made.  That seems like a really long time to me.  I didn't ask where the keys were stored that they could be easily stolen.  I haven't noticed any police cars at the laundry room or at the office, but I could easily have missed them.

Has anyone else noticed that the sun seems to be setting in a totally different place the past few months?  It makes me wonder if there has been some kind of a minor pole shift.  It might just be attributed to the season, but I think it's a long ways away from where it sets in the summer and fall.  It's more southwest than where I usually see it.  It would be just like me to take notice of it after all these years!  



  1. The sun started moving back up to the north about four days ago. Winter is comfortable around here and have enjoyed it this year.

  2. Yes, we notice that the position of the sun changes from our back yard here in TX. Contessa in Mexico can tell when their time there is ending by watching the sunsets change position as the days go by. I was never aware of this when I was younge!

  3. Funny that they would make the same set of keys if some one had stolen them. that would allow some one to empty the coin boxes wouldn't it? Oh well what do I know.
    I too need to go back out and spray again as a new crop of weeds is showing their heads already.

  4. Lets hope the sun is not making any apparent big shifts, it will only bring on a bunch of Grade B movies:)

  5. I love that during the year the sun moves across the sky. Of course we are actually the ones moving but hey it looks like the sun sets too. That key story sounds fishy. They'd better find a safer place for the keys and get the locks changed. Not much sense in replacing stolen keys with the same things.

  6. I saw on TV a couple of days ago, where some farmers are now using sand blasters to get rid of their weeds. After being hit by a blast of sand, there is nothing left. I think your readers have the answer: they have ordered new locks, and they have to come from the other side of the country.

  7. Curling up with a good book is the time honored way to wait out storms. When we watch the news we often have trouble going to sleep at night. They don't seem to broadcast anything that doesn't scare the bejeebers out of us.