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Monday, September 15, 2008

Pictures added

I've added a few pictures I took while in California. I may change some of them when I get the actual wedding photos back, as I'd like to show my kids with their spouses. My oldest son and his wife Sandy have since added a new addition to their family - Justin, who was born Sep. 13. Mike now has 2 sons, Joshua & Justin; Jeannie & her husband Donald have two daughters, Ara & Autumn, Steve and Megan, the wedding couple, are working on it as we speak, and Joe and his wife Sarah have a daughter Alyssa. They had twins a few years ago, but their daughter, Reese, was stillborn, and son, Owen, lived for 7 months. It still hurts to think about his passing.

I also figured out how to add a list of blogs I'm following. So far I've only added three, but have patience - the list is very long and I will eventually get them all posted. I will probably be back later with an additional post for today, but for now I need to go pick up my mail at the post office.

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