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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My nearly empty house

The auctioneer and his two very able helpers just took all my furniture away so I'm sitting on the floor and typing today's post. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to live like this - the house is empty except for a whole lot of odds & ends that I still need to pack - mostly kitchen things I'm going to take with me and items to give to goodwill, plus my clothes which are packed in suitcases. I thought I'd feel sad to see it go, but I'm just anxious to get this all over with. Until fuel becomes available here I'm stuck and can't go looking at RV's, nor will I take anything to the storage unit, a 20 mile round trip.

They also took the TV & VCR/DVD player. I was glad to get rid of it - it's not digital but since I have cable it didn't matter to me. I got weaned away from TV pretty much when I went to CA the end of August, and I think I've had it on no more than 1/2 hr total since I've been back. I'm happy to say I don't miss it at all, especially the cable networks blathering on and on. Even the weather channel was beginning to get on my nerves, which essentially left public TV, and which is probably what I've watched the most during the past few months. My computer will be the last thing I dismantle.

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  1. Wow Gypsy, you are getting there.
    Can't figure out why you can't get gas?? Hope that changes soon.
    You have a beautiful grandbaby, by the way..