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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No more Wal Mart for me!

I stopped at Walmart today to get some Corelle dishes (much lighter weight than regular dishes, and nicer than paper plates), and an air mattress. I just wanted a cheap mattress to do me while I have to sleep on the floor, which will be 2 wks at most. They didn't have any Corelle at all, and evidently they don't carry it any longer. I saw it about a month ago, so Walmart just recently discontinued it. I had already started packing the dishes I have, and the pkg of paper plates is in one of the many boxes in storage. The air mattress was cheap enough but it required a pump which would have doubled the price, and I decided I would just rough it for a few nights. It wouldn't have turned me completely off the store except that the past few times I went there to buy a specific item they were either out of it, or I couldn't find it, or they didn't carry it.

I would have looked elsewhere, but with gas almost nowhere to be found here I have to limit the driving. Some days things just don't go right!

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