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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'll sleep on a cloud tonight!

Well after taking a few items to storage this afternoon I went back to Walmart and found a twin air mattress with velour top, for $14.98. I didn't bother with a pump, and when I got home I tried the vacuum cleaner (got to remember to reverse that hose!). It's a little softer than what I would like, but I'll wait and see if it holds the air until bedtime, and then I can shoot a bit more into it. Both dogs were curious until I turned on the vac, and then they ran off. I just love it when I can scare them. Hopefully this will be a sort of attitude adjuster for me.

For as many trips as I've made, as many boxes as I've hauled, and as many items that I've given to Goodwill and Kiwanis, I still have a lot of clutter in the house. I have a printer that isn't working very well (but the scanner works great), and I'm not going to save it. I don't think I should put it into the trash, and it's a 50 mile round trip to the landfill where I can dispose of electronics & hazardous items. I've been there twice when I was getting ready to sell the house, and I don't think I'll go back. I could just leave it for the hotshot who is buying my house....now there's a thought.

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