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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back in North Carolina

I arrived in Greensboro early this morning and managed to drive all the way home to Asheville without any problems except for trying to find a gas station open in the early morning hours. I had just about 1/8 of a tank (or less) before starting "up the mountain" from the Piedmont of NC, which is about 10 miles of very steep and winding highway. I found a Love station open and at their price, only pumped $10 worth (3.99/gal). Here in the Asheville area it is cheaper, so I'll fill up today. I arrived home, got my luggage in, and got to bed around 4:30 am. The phone woke me up at 8:30 am but I got to it too late, so ended up making coffee and did some pre-moving chores - taking the rest of the pictures off the walls, shredding papers, etc.

My real estate agent is to call me today with more details of the inspections. Everything came through with flying colors, except that FHA requires a structural engineer's inspection. Of course, he had to list something, so he stated several things that were to be done. I had read the email about it while at the Amtrak station in Chicago, so I was forewarned. I called the agent and she said there was a "way around it". I told her I wasn't going to pay a cent more to have anything done (since I'm paying a relatively large amt for their closing costs, which are way overstated but it's a legal way to allow them to borrow the full amt., so I'm told). I have also decided I don't have the time or energy to make arrangements for anything that needs to be done (FHA wants a written estimate for the work). So if the buyers and/or their agent want to take complete care of it, the sale still stands; otherwise, I'll be delaying my new life for another month or so, if I can find another buyer. I'm adamant about not paying any more. I feel sorry for the buyers though, which is why I agreed to the original deal. My four kids all own their own homes and a couple of them sweated out the financing/qualifying end of it, so I empathize with them and am willing to help--up to a point.

I am really getting panic-stricken about whether I'll be able to find a 5th wheel & tow vehicle, what I will do with all my stuff (looks like storage at this point), and whether or not I can handle the RV by myself. I hope no one tells me I can't do it, but I will allow myself a few fears and doubts. I'm also balking at giving up my furniture, because I know I won't be able to travel that many more years and worry about what I will do when I have to give it up. I sure don't want to live in a furnished place.

It will all work out. I did go to a couple of places in Rancho Cordova, CA while waiting for Costco to open. The papers are full of articles on how RVs are going dirt cheap now, but do you think I could get the attention of a salesperson? One man did tell me I was in the service area and where the sale RVs were, but I could never find it and wandered the premises looking for how to get there including going inside where the staff was scurrying about and passed me as if I was invisible. The RV mfrs might add a lot of fluff to their products to please the ladies, but that doesn't translate to selling to a woman. Just my opinion - y'all can correct me if I'm wrong, but I've experienced this situation for years when trying to buy things such as a car stereo, etc. Let me stop to look at a washing machine and salespeople are all over me!

I had a wonderful time in California, but the train trip back was part terrific and part nightmare. We were over 6 hrs late arriving in Chicago and miss our connections, so amtrak had to bus all of us to hotels, which of course were at least 1/2 hr drive away even in the middle of the night. Then they forgot all about ordering the bus to pick us up the next morning. I am just grateful that the trip out was as stress free as it could be, the wedding was perfect, and I was able to keep a relatively calm attitude through all the problems of the return trip. Not all passengers felt that way though. I'm still happy I didn't have to deal with airports, flight delays, security crap, crowded and cramped seats, no food, and all the problems of air travel. I'd take the train any day over flying, but I really prefer the flexibility of driving which will be even better having my own home/motel with me everywhere I go.

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  1. Welcome back. What an adventure! Thanks for sharing your pictures. You have a beautiful family.
    You need help with the packing. Call a moving company and ask what they would charge. Thats what we did when we moved out of our big house.
    Hope to see you on chat.